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Assistant Release - Wersje AdGuard

[Changed] Assistant UI redesign #174

Not a drastic design change, but you'll notice it. The new look is a bit more neutral and tidy.

[Added] Embedded Assistant build #175

New embedded version of AdGuard Assistant allows it to be used in AdGuard for iOS and AdGuard Browser extension.

  • [Changed] Translations have been updated #169, #161
  • [Changed] Size of the "small" icon has been decreased further #182
  • [Changed] Common frames have been excluded from the Assistant script #154
  • [Changed ] `.sg_* styles` are added dynamically now when user starts selecting an element #167
  • [Fixed] Blank Assistant icon bug #186
  • [Fixed] Assistant hangs on #171
  • [Fixed] AdGuard puts userscript into textarea #165
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon is not visible on #152
  • [Fixed] Assistant menu is displayed outside of viewport #180
  • [Fixed] "Reputation Confidence Level" icon misbehaves in FF #147
  • [Fixed] Assistant frame is not rendered on with IE10 #159
  • [Fixed] Assistant incorrectly defines `zh-CN` and `zh-TW` languages
  • [Fixed] Several instances of the same variable with CSS styles defined #184
  • [Fixed] Assistant is not being displayed when body is a frameset node #156
  • [Improved] Closed shadow DOM is used now to host the Assistant button element #163

A minor-ish update that focuses on various bugfixes, more significant changes will be introduced in v4.1. One thing is worth a separate mentioning though:

[Improved] Assistant's code-base for mobile devices has been unified #28

Basically, for end users it means that we were able to integrate the manual element blocking tool into AdGuard for iOS. You can now select and block any elements in Safari on iOS, just like you got used to on Windows and Mac.

  • [Added] New localizations #143
  • [Changed] Assistant translations have been updated #127
  • [Changed] Assistant now waits for a callback before reloading the page #130
  • [Changed] Common frames have been excluded from Assistant and WOT scripts #154
  • [Fixed] Assistant menu items selection is wrong #149
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon is visible while printing the page #96
  • [Fixed] It is possible to right-click inside of the iframe #95
  • [Fixed] Assistant disappears when you click on it on the website #113
  • [Fixed] Assistant is not shown on some websites #112
  • [Fixed] Assistant does not work when cookies are disabled #124
  • [Fixed] Some elements are clicked on instead of becoming selected with the element blocker tool #116
  • [Fixed] Assistant does not allow to select an element on the website #134
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon size setting reset bug #110
  • [Fixed] The Assistant iframe is rendered before styles are applied #137
  • [Fixed] Assistant layout when WOT reputation is loaded #141
  • [Fixed] Cannot select an iframe on the website #142
  • [Fixed] "Block ad on this website" tool does not work on Touch+Mouse devices like Surface #140
  • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool is misbehaving in Firefox #146