Mr. Adguard
14 de março de 2014
What are the userscripts?

Version 5.9 of Adguard brings a lot of changes and new features.  One important change is an ability to install extensions to Adguard. Adguard extension is in fact the userscript.

Mr. Adguard
27 de fevereiro de 2014
Mr. Adguard em AdGuard News
24 de dezembro de 2013
Introducing new Adguard Installer

A few days ago we released a brand new version of Adguard installer. It’s interface is now stylish and informative, making the installation process a real joy.

Mr. Adguard
7 de novembro de 2013
Mr. Adguard em Release Notes
5 de novembro de 2013
Release of Adguard 5.8

Hello Adguard users!