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Wow... you got us! We really can't remember who wrote this article... So, here I am - Mr. Adguard tidying up after someone else.

Browser extension update: version 2.2.3
It has been a while since the last major update of Adguard browser extension, but a few days ago we did it! We released the new version of our extensions. This release contains one important change for the Firefox version and some technical features with our selector library.
14 marca 2016
Be aware of adware
Some of the users reported a strange issue. A browser suddenly opened pages of the website. We have nothing to do with this and have already taken measures.
How to fight ad blockers? - IAB version
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) posted a peculiar guideline, which goal is to help publishers fight against ad blockers.
25 februára 2016
What's new, AdGuard
It’s been less than 2 months since the beginning of the year, and we had a lot going on here in Adguard. These couple of months were very productive – we managed to release updates for all our products. In this post we gathered all recent releases that you might have missed.
AdGuard for Mac: version 1.2.0
Now some good news for Mac users – here is an update of Adguard for OS X. This new version brings a lot of very important changes to Adguard for Mac. Most viable changes are $replace modifier and many security improvements.
AdGuard for iOS: version 1.0.5
Dear friends, today we introduce new version of Adguard for iPhones and iPad. What’s new?
AdGuard 6 official release
Today is the day – we are releasing Adguard 6. Yes, finally !:)
New AdGuard browser extension release: version 2.1
We are finally ready to officially release this major update of Adguard browser extension! We have made a lot of improvements and important fixes since the first beta version.
27 januára 2016
AdGuard 6: release candidate #2
The official release is as soon as it can be. This time we really mean it! Today we release the second release candidate where we have fixed all the bugs from the first RC. Thank you all for your feedback. You have really helped improving the Adguard 6 ‘prototype’!
26 januára 2016
Future of native ads
Today we would like to share some thoughts about native advertising. What is it and what is its future? Stefanie Schröer from will help us answer these questions.
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