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74% of Netflix Subscribers Would Rather Cancel Their Subscription Than See Ads

Well, and again users opinion is quite unanimous, when it comes to advertising. Recently, Netflix users were asked what they think about the introduction of ads. As you see in the title, they are not really happy with such option.

Just in case you don’t know what Netflix is. It is an American global provider of streaming films and television series. In the past Netflix was the biggest (and actually the only) company in the field. Those were the days when they were able to have low subscription rates and still provide a wide catalog of almost everything. But as time goes, new players are on the market = new competitors, so Netflix prices have been rising. So where shall a streaming company find new profits in a tight market? According to some people, the answer is for Netflix to start showing ads, like competitor Hulu does.

But there are those who are against such option. And those are Netflix users themselves.

Allflicks conduct a little survey to find out what users actually think on the matter. More than 1200 people took part in the poll.
First question was “Would you rather pay more for Netflix, or see advertisements while you stream?”. 90% said they’d prefer the price increase:

The next question was intended to identify how much users are willing to pay for the absence of ads. 57% of users have called the range of $1-2, following 22% opted for $2-3, and less than a quarter of respondents are willing to pay more than $3:

And finally, Allflicks wanted to know what will users do, if Netflix will introduce advertising. Well, not really, the question was worded more harsh: “If Netflix started showing ads, would you cancel your subscription?”. And as you can see, 74% of the 100% are ready to cancel Netflix entirely:

Well, answers of respondents are very… demonstrative. A wake up call for those who still don’t know what internet audience thinks. And of course Netflix needs to consider users opinion before making any decisions.

Daria Magdik na Industry News
05. jul 2016.
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