Adguard extension for Safari

Dear Friends, we’ve got news for Apple browser users! Adguard is now an official Safari Gallery extension.
From now on you can easily install our ad blocker for your favorite browser right in Safari Extensions.

Download Adguard for Safari

Adguard blocks pop-ups, in-stream video ads, removes banners, social widgets and ensures your work in the Internet without advertising. Our multifunctional and easy-to-use extension not only blocks undesirable advertising elements, but also takes care of user safety by blocking access to phishing and fraudulent websites.

Adguard: blocking of video ads on Youtube.
Adguard: blocking of video ads on Youtube

How to install Adguard for Safari?

Once you go via this link, click on «Install now» directly under the product description. In the appeared window, click “Open”.

And then confirm that you are ready for installation by clicking “Install”.

That’s it. Adguard is activated and ready to make your work in Safari more comfortable and safe.

Mr. Adguard
4 juli 2014
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Mr. Adguard
1 juni 2014
Mr. Adguard
7 juli 2014
How does Adguard Browsing Security work?

Every day tens of thousands of people fall victims to virus attacks or fraud on the Internet. To protect Adguard users from such threats, we have added special filters to the program that protect you from malicious and phishing websites.

Hämtningen av AdGuard har påbörjats! Klicka på knappen med pilen för att starta installationen. Tack för att du valde AdGuard! Välj "Öppna" och klicka "OK" och invänta att filen hämtas. I det öppnade fönstret drar du AdGuard-ikonen till mappen "Program". Tack för att du valde AdGuard! Välj "Öppna" och klicka "OK" och invänta att filen hämtas. Klicka på "Installera" i det öppnade fönstret. Tack för att du valde AdGuard!