Adguard Road Map

We think it’s about time to structure our development plan for Adguard, and tell our users about it. From time to time, we told you about our plans for the future, but we have never gathered them in one place.

In this post, we will try to tell you about our plans for this year. We’ll give the approximate dates, but as it is usually the case, dates tend to be shifted, so they can’t be fully trusted.

So, let’s begin.

Adguard for Windows

Version 5.10
End of June 2014

What’s new in this version:

  • Reduced memory usage. Our beta-testers have already noticed it.
  • We will add an opportunity to add custom filter subscriptions (EasyList and its regional subscriptions in particular)
  • We will move Web of Trust integration in a separate extension so you can disable it without disabling Adguard’s Assistant
  • We will add “White list” settings section. You can disable either ad blocking or SSL filtering or browsing security for specific web site.
  • We’ll fix lots of minor bugs that are way too many to list here.
Version 6.0
September-October 2014

What’s new in this version:

  • New UI (you can check it out on youtube)
  • Ad blocking in application

We also plan to optimize the code of version 6.0 and rewrite some of existing modules.

Adguard for Mac OS X

Version 1.0
August 2014

First version of our standalone app for Mac OS X.

It will implement all general functions of Adguard for Windows, except maybe parental control.
At the moment of publishing this post we already have the working prototype which can block ads without a problem. Soon we’ll start working on the UI.

Browser extensions

Adguard for Firefox
June 2014

We’ve already started an open beta test of Adguard for Firefox. If no critical bugs will be found, we’ll add our extensions to

Adguard for Safari
June 2014

We’ve fixed all bugs found during open beta test so in June we plan to add it to

Extensions version 1.0.3
End of July 2014

Major feature of this version will be an opportunity to add custom filter subscriptions (including EasyList and its regional subscriptions).

Adguard for Android

Version 1.0
July 2014

Development of Android version is well under way. We’ve already made a first working prototype, but there are still some critical bugs we should fix before releasing the beta-version.

Adguard for Android will work as local VPN service. Local means that your traffic will be filtered on your device and won’t be sent to some remote VPN server. Also Adguard for Android will work on non-rooted devices.


  1. Adguard may not work on some devices with Android 4.4.x (due to bugs in Android VPN).
  2. Adguard won’t filter HTTPS-traffic.

Adguard for IPhone/IPad

Version 1.0
November 2014

IPhone/IPad version will be VPN app (not local). This means that your traffic will be filtered on our servers.

This way has its own pros and cons.
Pros are just the same as any VPN-service has:

  1. Saving bandwidth due to traffic compression on our side.
  2. Privacy protection – your IP will be hidden by our VPN service.
  3. Possibility to select a country.


  1. It won’t filter HTTPS-traffic.
  2. Limitation of your connection speed (although I am not sure that it’s crucial for mobile devices).
Mr. Adguard
23 maj 2014
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