Protect your PC with TrafficLight


Users may stumble on a piece of malware pretty easily. They can get an e-mail or a message containing a very interesting link but wind up on a malware ridden page and get infected. To prevent such things from happening we recommend using the TrafficLight browser plug-in from BitDefender.

This is a security app that protects users from phishing scams, fraudulent websites and malware attacks. TrafficLight also helps to find out who wants to hack you. The program automatically looks for and neutralises dangerous links on Twitter and Facebook accounts. This way your PC and the information which it holds stay safe.

TrafficLight works even when the user browses on different pages. An icon lights up green if the software finds suggested link safe. If not it will turn orange or red to indicate a threat. This add-on is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome browsers. All you have to do is to click the Free Download button.

Once you do that you will be redirected to the browser’s Web store. After pushing “free download” the add-on will install on your browser. Then the plug-in comes with an instruction. Options are located on the left of the address bar.


Mr. Adguard
1 juni 2014
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Mr. Adguard
23 maj 2014
Adguard Road Map

We think it’s about time to structure our development plan for Adguard, and tell our users about it. From time to time, we told you about our plans for the future, but we have never gathered them in one place.

Mr. Adguard
4 juli 2014
Adguard extension for Safari

Dear Friends, we’ve got news for Apple browser users! Adguard is now an official Safari Gallery extension.

Hämtningen av AdGuard har påbörjats! Klicka på knappen med pilen för att starta installationen. Tack för att du valde AdGuard! Välj "Öppna" och klicka "OK" och invänta att filen hämtas. I det öppnade fönstret drar du AdGuard-ikonen till mappen "Program". Tack för att du valde AdGuard! Välj "Öppna" och klicka "OK" och invänta att filen hämtas. Klicka på "Installera" i det öppnade fönstret. Tack för att du valde AdGuard!