Adguard for iOS v1.1.0

Hello to all iOS users! It's been only a week since Adguard Pro release, but today we have more good news for you. New version features improvements to the filter update algorithm and several other fixes.

[Improved] Filters now can be updated over mobile data #123

Previously filters could be only updated by WiFi. This was done mostly because the program would often exceed the allowed time limit while updating fitlers over mobile network. With new update algorithm this should not be the case anymore - filters will be able to update over mobile data, but with a greater update period compared to WiFi.

[Improved] Filters are now updated immediately after being enabled #118

Another change concerning filter updates is that from now on, whenever you enable a new filter, Adguard will immediately check for available updates for that filter. This way there will be no misunderstandings when you add a new filter, but ads are still not blocked because the filter is outdated.

Other changes

  • [Fixed] Rules count in status bar does not change #130
  • [Fixed] Inability to disable filtering for some websites #120
  • [Fixed] On iPhone SE, in some cases, Adguard action extension receives memory warning and crashes #129
  • [Fixed] Assistant does not select element properly #111

Let us know what do you think about new changes in the comment section!

Vasily Bagirov 发表于 AdGuard for iOS Release Notes
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Adguard Pro for iOS

The time has come to announce the official release of Adguard Pro for iOS! You may be already familiar with it, or you may be not. What you should know for now is that Adguard Pro is not limited to Safari in terms of blocking ads (and not only ads) - it will work in all apps and browsers!

Adguard DNS now supports DNSCrypt

Good news from Adguard DNS!

Instead of a regular client-server interaction protocol, Adguard DNS now allows you to use a specific encrypted protocol - DNSCrypt. Now all requests between your computer and Adguard DNS servers can be encrypted with secure elliptic curve cryptography to protect them from possible interception and subsequent eavesdropping and alteration by any intruder, even if it is your ISP. It needs a little configuration though.

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