AdGuard 助理

AdGuard Assistant is a handy tool that helps you manage filtering right from the browser. With its aid you are able to manually block any element, whitelist or report the page, or see the website's security report — all without having to leave the current page.
AdGuard 助理在哪些瀏覽器內工作?
AdGuard 助理工作於所有的瀏覽器。例外:舊的 Internet Explorer 版本(助理工作於以版本 10 開始的 IE)。
Yes, you can click on the icon and drag it to any place on the page. AdGuard will memorize the position for every website separately. Also, if you click on the Assistant and select "Settings", you can make the icon smaller or insta-move it to any corner.
AdGuard 助理總是為了您在那裡 — 不顯眼的但可靠的朋友。