Unfortunately, ad blocking in the YouTube app is technically impossible, but If you watch YouTube in Safari, there is a way. To block ads on YouTube in Safari, enable our extension (available since AdGuard v4.2 for iOS):
Open youtube.com in Safari.
Tap the Share button.
Tap "Block YouTube Ads (by AdGuard)".
YouTube is now ad-free! Please note that you need to run this extension again if you reload the page. Read more about blocking YouTube ads in Safari in our blog.





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AdGuard 下載已開始 點擊由該箭頭所指示的按鈕以開始安裝。 選擇"開啟"並點擊"確定",然後等待該檔案被下載。在被打開的視窗中,拖曳 AdGuard 圖像到"應用程式"檔案夾中。感謝您選擇 AdGuard! 選擇"開啟"並點擊"確定",然後等待該檔案被下載。在被打開的視窗中,點擊"安裝"。感謝您選擇 AdGuard! 在行動裝置上安裝 AdGuard: