Websites take too long to load

Go to SettingsAd BlockerInstalled filters and check that you don't have too many filters enabled at the same time. The more filters you have enabled, the more effect it can have on load times and performance, especially on older machines. We don't recommend using more than 10 filters simultaneously.
Disable DNS protection at SettingsDNS, or try switching to a different DNS server.
Go to SettingsNetwork and uncheck Use WFP network driver, then reboot your computer. This may cause ads to appear in Internet Explorer browser and in apps from Microsoft Store.
If you are using any other apps that can affect network traffic, such as antiviruses, go to SettingsGeneral SettingsAdvanced settings and tick the Use redirect driver mode checkbox. Then click the Save button.
If you see Waiting for in the bottom left corner of your browser every time you open or refresh a page, go to SettingsGeneral SettingsAdvanced settings and uncheck the Filter localhost checkbox there.





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