AdGuard doesn't block ads

Please try taking following measures:
First of all, update filters by right-clicking the extension icon and choosing Check for filter updates.
Click on the extension icon and then on the gear icon in the top right corner. Go to the Filters tab and make sure that "AdGuard Base" filter is enabled there. Same for language-specific filter(s) for your language. If needed, add them by clicking the Add a filter button.
If you are using a Chromium-based browser, install AdGuard Extra browser extension. It helps block ads in some difficult cases when the regular extension alone isn't enough.
While on the problematic website, click on the extension icon and select Block ads on this website to block the ad manually. Then report the missed ad by clicking Report an issue in the extension menu.





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AdGuard 下載已開始 點擊由該箭頭所指示的按鈕以開始安裝。 選擇"開啟"並點擊"確定",然後等待該檔案被下載。在被打開的視窗中,拖曳 AdGuard 圖像到"應用程式"檔案夾中。感謝您選擇 AdGuard! 選擇"開啟"並點擊"確定",然後等待該檔案被下載。在被打開的視窗中,點擊"安裝"。感謝您選擇 AdGuard! 在行動裝置上安裝 AdGuard: