Adguard DNS (beta)

It is an alternative, free way to block ads, trackers and phishing websites, and also a parental control instrument.
Setup guide Adguard DNS (beta)
What is Adguard DNS?

We offer a new way to block ads that doesn’t require you to install any external apps. It is easy in use, absolutely free, simple to configure on any device and provides a necessary minimum of ad blocking, privacy protection, browsing security and parental control functionality.

Why use Adguard DNS?

—  Doesn’t require you to install any external apps. All you have to do is to follow a short manual how to configure it.

—  Adguard DNS is completely free for personal use. You don’t install anything, so there is nothing to pay for :)

— Works in two modes: regular ad blocking and ’Family protection’ mode.

—  We do not save any personal data and do not log any of your actions. Your privacy will remain safe.

—  Can be used on any device: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


Personal use

Adguard DNS is completely free for personal use.


In case you have any significant requirements or intend to use Adguard DNS for commercial purposes, please contact us by sending an email at to discuss details.


What is Adguard DNS?
How does Adguard DNS work?
What can Adguard DNS do except for blocking ads?
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Why is Adguard DNS free? What’s the catch?
What devices can I use Adguard DNS with?
I have some troubles or questions that are not covered by this F.A.Q. What do I do?

More info

We are always open to communicate with you. Any user can leave a comment or start a new thread on our forum.

If you come across any problems or have any suggestions how to make Adguard DNS better, you are welcomed to visit our page on GitHub.

DNS servers


Use these servers to block ads, trackers and phishing websites

Family Protection

"Default" + blocking adult websites + safe search

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