What are filters?
Ad blocking is based on filtering rules. Rules make up filters. This article is explaining what filters are and where to find them.
Apple’s ad business set to boom on the back of its own anti-tracking crackdown
Apple is the one tech giant that has never been associated with ads, proudly declaring its customer a jewel it will never sell to advertisers. But it seems that Apple is now immersing itself deep into the ad business. Will its promises be kept?
Big Tech owes you money. Find out how much
Big Tech lives off ad money they earn by collecting and selling user data. But what is your own contribution to the data market? In this article, we try to find out how much a single user’s data is worth.
Google shows who is the boss, Telegram tests the waters as DuckDuckGo opens up. AdGuard's digest
Google overrides police and protects ads, DuckDuckGo offers a secure email service, Telegram wants users to decide on privacy, and more in AdGuard’s digest.
Announcing the winners of the AdGuard DNS giveaway
When we first announced the launch of AdGuard DNS v2.0, we promised to hold a giveaway when our new product comes out. And now is the time to announce the 15 lucky winners!
Smart wearables: Are they smart enough to protect your data?
Smart wearable devices have become an inalienable part of our lives. They help us to track our fitness, health and can literally save lives. But they are also insecure by design. Read this article to find out what you can do about it.
Anycast and BGP: How AdGuard DNS serves millions of queries
AdGuard DNS started as a pet project. but over time it has grown into a serious standalone product. Currently, it handles more than 1 M requests per second. The article shows how this became possible.
AdGuard publishes the world's first ad blocker built on Manifest V3
We put a lot of effort into developing an experimental browser extension that could meet all the requirements of Manifest V3 (Chrome's new extension API) and block ads properly within its tight confines. Read the article to find out what we went through and what we achieved.
Digital afterlife: a chance to live forever or never rest in peace?
We all have digital identities, but what happens to them after death? Will your digital alter ego be easy prey for scavengers scouring social media graveyards? Learn how to protect yourself in the digital afterlife.
Ease into the new school year with AdGuard: up to 80% off
Every year we hold a Back to school promo, and this year is no exception. Until September 4, you can buy any AdGuard license at a 40% discount, and a two-year AdGuard VPN subscription at an 80% discount.
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