The downfall of smart TVs: From promises of seamless viewing to ad tool on steroids
Smart TVs have upended the way we consume television content. They are luring us in with great picture quality and the promise of customized and seamless viewing, but they are also collecting and sharing our data. Find out how to make the most of your smart TV without compromising privacy.
Cookies, Google, Amazon, Twitter breach & warrantless surveillance. AdGuard’s digest
Mobile carriers test a new tracking tool, Chrome clings to third-party cookies, Twitter is breached, Google is unwelcome in schools, smart cams rat out users, and more.
AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard DNS suffer collateral damage after AdGuard VPN gets blocked in Russia
On July 27, AdGuard VPN began to be blocked in Russia. Aside from AdGuard VPN, under attack were AdGuard and AdGuard DNS.
When less is more: How the oversharing epidemic gave rise to digital identity theft
We all lead an increasingly digital lifestyle, and it is virtually impossible to unhook yourself from online services that are oh-so convenient. Yet, our tendency to share too much online is largely to blame for the rise of digital ID theft.
Five new annoyance filters: a more customizable annoyance blocking
We've split the AdGuard Annoyances filter into five other filters to make the blocking of ads and other irritating objects even more customizable. Read here about what's changed and how you can use it.
Blow to Apple's monopoly, Alexa revives the dead, Google, VPN, crypto, and more. AdGuard's digest
EU law threatens Apple's app distribution model, Amazon's Alexa speaks in your great-grandmother's voice, Apple is making its devices more secure with "lockdown mode", a cryptocurrency exchange is helping the government, while India is grappling with the fallout from a VPN law.
Why you need an ad blocker: from obvious benefits to hidden gems
Ads have become the main tool to harvest user data, which in turn is a valuable commodity on the digital market. Ad blockers will protect your privacy, but not only that — find out what else they can do in this article.
Facebook’s medical data scandal, Telegram, Mozilla's cookies & apps that prey on children. AdGuard's digest
Facebook faces another data scandal, Telegram partners with Google and possibly the police, Mozilla fights trackers, apps spy on children, Twitter misleads users as the US may become closer to the EU privacy-wise.
Private AdGuard DNS beta 4: dark theme, new localizations, and free Personal plan
Meet the new version of the private AdGuard DNS! It features a dark theme, new localizations, and exciting news for all paid AdGuard VPN users: they will get free access to the private AdGuard DNS!
DNS-over-QUIC is now officially a proposed standard
DNS-over-QUIC, a very promising protocol, is now an official standard. It means that it has received enough community review to be implemented around the world. What has changed globally and how it will affect AdGuard products, read in this article.
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