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What is AdGuard Ad Blocker?

AdGuard is one of the leaders on the market of ad-blocking software with 15+ years of experience, almost a dozen products for various platforms, and over 375 million user installs. Unlike other ad-blocking solutions, most of which are browser-based, we offer standalone apps for all major platforms, both desktop and mobile. AdGuard apps are more powerful than browser extensions, can block more and do it more efficiently:

But we also develop and maintain free browser extensions for all popular browsers:

Not just ad blocking

AdGuard Ad Blocker does more than just block ads. It will protect you from online tracking and enhance your privacy in many ways. Depending on the specific product, AdGuard can also offer such perks as DNS filtering for more rounded-up protection, Parental Control to shield your kids from inappropriate content, Filtering log to have better control over your internet traffic, and more. This Knowledge base contains detailed information about any and all of them — feel free to jump to any article that interests you.