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Updating the Knowledge base

The goal of AdGuard Ad Blocker Knowledge base is to provide everyone with the most up-to-date information on all kinds of AdGuard-related topics. But things constantly change, and sometimes an article doesn't reflect the current state of things anymore.

This is why we placed all of our KB content on GitHub, and now literally anyone can contribute to it by suggesting edits and translations to existing articles, as well as totally new ones.

How to suggest a change or write a new article

You can suggest changes to current articles and add new ones to our Knowledge base using the functionality of GitHub mentioned above. If you are unfamiliar with principles of working with the platform, start by reading GitHub documentation.

Once you are ready to start, work in the KnowledgeBase repository. All texts in our Knowledge base are written in Markdown markup language. Keep this in mind when editing or writing articles. Follow this link to learn more about Markdown syntax.

The Knowledge base website is built using Docusaurus 2 — a modern static website generator. When suggesting changes or additions, take into account that all documents must comply with the principles of the platform. You can read about them in Docusaurus Guides.

You can deploy this Knowledge base locally on your computer to preview the changes you suggest. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in the README file on this Knowledge base's GitHub page.

Translating articles

Translation of the existing articles of the Knowledge base is carried out on the Crowdin platform. All the details about translations and working with Crowdin can be found in the dedicated article of the AdGuard Ad Blocker Knowledge base.

When working on AdGuard Knowledge base articles, you may meet strings containing plural forms that you should translate with extra attention. In a separate article, we described in detail the difficulties that can arise when translating strings with plural forms and gave extensive instructions on how to work with them on the Crowdin platform.

Working on open issues

Sometimes there exist open tasks related to updating the Knowledge base. You can help us speed up their completion the same way you would suggest any other changes to the Knowledge base. Choose any issue that you find appealing and start working on it. If you have any questions — you can ask them right in the comments to that issue.