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Who we are?
We are the team of experienced specialists from Adguard Software Limited — an IT company that develops a range of AdGuard software products for internet filtering. We are not just creators of AdGuard, but rather jedi of the light side of the Internet.
What we do
To date, we have made a real breakthrough in the field of internet advertising blocking. Our flagship product AdGuard enjoys wide popularity — we help millions of regular users worldwide. Considering the wishes of our customers, we are constantly engaged in improving our products, and therefore developed a whole range of software, which includes a multifunctional AdGuard ad blocking desktop programs, mobile apps and browser extensions. Our solutions are not just an ad blocker; they protect from online threats, prevent tracking, and filter obscene materials. This comprehensive approach provides high-quality filtering, making AdGuard an essential tool for every internet user. Our mission is to make our users' web surfing most comfortable and safe.
De Kronieken van AdGuard
Kommunarka, Moscow Regio
Kommunarka, Moscow Regio
The birth of AdGuard
AdGuard was founded. There were 3 people in the team and the office was in the one of the co-founder’s apartment. It was the year of searching and experiments.
Logo evolutie
Logo evolutie
AdGuard was reworked from scratch. In October we released renewed version and opened our Forum. Thanks to that we got a huge user feedback that helped us a lot in future program development. Later that year AdGuard Assistant was created.
AdGuard 4.2.2
AdGuard 4.2.2
Second total re-design in AdGuard history in version 5.0. The team is growing, AdGuard got the first proper office.
AdGuard Browser extensie
AdGuard Browser extensie
We begrepen dat we, om te concurreren met andere adblockers, ook in hun vakgebied aanwezig moeten zijn, dus hebben we gratis adb. Browserextensies voor Chrome en Opera ontwikkeld
Google heeft ons uit hun Play Store gezet
Google heeft ons uit hun Play Store gezet
Extensions for Safari, Firefox and Yandex.Browser were next. In November we released second major product in AdGuard software range - our Android app. In just a week we were removed from Google Play, because.. well, we block Google’s ads. And by the end of the year AdGuard products reached 5 million users around the world.
AdGuard voor Mac OS
AdGuard voor Mac OS
Major release in April added AdGuard for Mac to our software products. In October that year other Apple users got their app - AdGuard for iOS was added to App Store. We also created Stealth mode extension (yes, it’s ours) that later was turned into Stealth mode module in AdGuard for Windows. And another important step was to reflect all our development processes on GitHub. We became more transparent than ever and users really helped us by reporting issues and suggesting new features.
AdGuard op Webit
AdGuard op Webit
Third ultimate makeover of Windows program. We released AdGuard 6. which concept design (more or less) you can see now in the current versions. AdGuard won at Webit Festival Europe as the best startup. We released the first version of AdGuard DNS (still working on this), and then AdGuard Content Blocker (limited functionality blocker for Android, works in Samsung and Yandex mobile browsers). In September we released the premium version of iOS app - AdGuard Pro.
AdGuard Website
AdGuard Website
We developed AdGuard for Edge extension and added it to the Microsoft Store. Our website is fully redesigned. It finally represents all our products properly, is adaptive for mobile devices and is simply good-looking and user-friendly :) There are around 40 people in the team.
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The most important change in 2018 was CoreLibs, the new cross-platform engine for all AdGuard products. The fight against ad blocking is carried out on all “fronts”, but thanks to CoreLibs, AdGuard is now again one step ahead.
In 2018, we started releasing Nightly builds — the “raw” versions of AdGuard. Thus, our tireless testers take on the first wave of nasty bugs, so that ordinary users get the most stable version of the program.
And at the end of the year we released two powerful products — AdGuard Home and AdGuard DNS. This is the first step towards users’ full control over all devices on their home or work networks.
It's impossible to fit all that happened to AdGuard in 2019 in few sentences. We released numerous updates for all of our products, launched a new one — AdGuard for Safari — and even reanimated AdGuard Pro for iOS.
Privacy continued to be our top priority. We introduced 2FA for our website and exposed several fake ad blocker extensions that were stealing users' personal data.
But it wasn't all work, we had some fun too! AdGuard celebrated its 10th birthday, and participated in Ad Blocker Dev Summit along with many other major industry players.
We verbeteren en ontwikkelen onze applicaties, terwijl we ernaar streven ze mooier en gebruiksvriendelijker te maken. We bereiden nieuw onderzoeken voor, we ontleden de volgende bedreigingen voor veiligheid, privacy en effectief websurfen. En we danken elke gebruiker van AdGuard: bedankt dat je bij ons bent, ons motiveert en ons helpt!
Dmitry Zaytsev
Founder, CEO
Andrey Meshkov
Founder, CTO
Igor Lukyanov
Founder, COO
Daria Magdik
Head of Business Development
Evgenia Kosterina
Head of Sales
Lead Developer
Artem B
Java Developer
Development Ninja
Vladimir S
C++ Developer
Windows Developer
Windows Developer
Senior Android Developer
Android Developer
Artem I
Android Team Lead
Filters Guru
Filters Commando
Filters Maestro
Filters Jedi
Slava M
Filters wizard
Slava L
Filters sorcerer
Lead macOS Developer
iOS Developer
iOS Developer
Head of Web
Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer
Project Manager
Project Manager
Maria G
QA Team Lead
Alexander A
QA Engineer
QA mistress
Konstantin G
Product Designer
Junior product designer
Content Manager
Marketing Manager (JA)
Marketing Manager (FR)
IT System Administrator
Olga K
Waar we zijn?
Adguard software Limited address: Office 1, 3rd floor Panayides Building, Chrysanthou Mylona St., 3030, Limassol, Cyprus
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