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Er Forb Translator Cooperating with AdGuard to get their applications and services into my own language has been a great pleasure. It feels good to have the chance to do something useful for AdGuard's Norwegian users. The translation team is an open and welcoming, and a warm and enjoyable environment to work in. This is the right place for those who enjoy translating and helping their own people!

Erik Lennartsson Translator I came across AdGuard when looking for an ad filtering application, loadable with the OS and with that removing the need for browser add-ons. AdGuard filled that need. Localization might perhaps not being considered vital in countries where English is spoken freely, as in my country. However I do not agree as knowledge in Technical English is mastered only by the few, thus the need for translated interfaces. Translating the AdGuard interface and the web pages shows a company with both dedication and openness. Collaboration with AdGuard representatives is professional, swift and very friendly. I see it as an honour being a part of the translation team.

Alex Silva Translator Collaboration is said to take place when two individuals or a group of people work together towards achieving a common goal by sharing their ideas and skills. These are the reasons for me to collaborate. I identified myself with the idea of creating an open source software to help others see how the internet should be (clean and safe) and this is main reason I collaborate and recommend it to others. Anyway, it is a great honor for me to collaborate with AdGuard community to make your mission a reality.

Vasily Beta tester I have a natural interest for technology and like to get down to the nitty-gritty of things. Almost every app I use, I look for opportunities to go one step further, and AdGuard offers exactly that. Happy to be on Nightly and provide feedback for AdGuard, its a win-win situation for both parties.

Ethan Roy Filters maintainer I had the pleasure of working with AdGuard on the development of filters for their ad-blocking software. As a developer, I was impressed by their commitment to producing high-quality software and ensuring that their filters were accurate and effective. The team was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance when needed. I would highly recommend AdGuard to anyone looking for a reliable partner in the software development industry.

Sophie Leclerc Beta tester As a beta tester for AdGuard, I had a great experience working with the team. They were always responsive to my feedback and worked diligently to ensure that their software was user-friendly and effective. The beta testing process was well-organized and easy to follow, and the team was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns.

Downloaden AdGuard Klik op het door de pijl aangegeven bestand om AdGuard te installeren. Selecteer "Open" en klik op "OK" - wacht even tot het bestand gedownload is. Sleep dan in het geopende venster het AdGuard icoontje naar de "Applications" map. Dank u dat u voor AdGuard gekozen heeft. Selecteer "Open" en klik op "OK" - wacht even tot het bestand gedownload is. Klik dan in het geopende venster op "Installeren". Dank u dat u voor AdGuard gekozen heeft.
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