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What is AdGuard license?

A license is a permission to use the AdGuard product, provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement. If bound to an email address, AdGuard licenses can be found in the user's AdGuard account.

What types of AdGuard licenses exist

On the purchase page, you can see the following types of licenses:

  • 1-year subscriptions — these licenses are renewed automatically every year or can be extended manually
    • Personal — up to 3 devices
    • Family — up to 9 devices
  • Lifetime — these licenses are not time-limited
    • Personal — up to 3 devices
    • Family — up to 9 devices

There are also licenses that the user can purchase from other sources or get for free:

  • Trial licenses are free time-limited licenses that allow you to test the full functionality of the product
    • AdGuard for Windows — 14-day trial
    • AdGuard for Mac — 14-day trial
    • AdGuard for Android — 7-day trial
  • Distributor licenses and gifted licenses can be both time-limited and non-time limited. Licenses with an expiration date can only be renewed manually
    • Personal — up to 3 devices
    • Family — up to 9 devices
  • The AdGuard Pro for iOS license is purchased and managed through the App Store and can only be used on iOS and iPadOS devices with the same Apple ID

To extend the device limit, you can upgrade your license.

How to use the AdGuard license

To use your license on a device, log in to your AdGuard app using the email address associated with the license. If the license hasn't been bound to your email address yet, you can do it in your AdGuard account. To do so, open the Licenses tab and click Bind license.

Alternatively, you can enter your license key in your AdGuard app.

License key

A license key is a unique string of characters that represents an AdGuard Ad Blocker license. It is automatically registered to the email you used to purchase the license, or is provided to you when you purchase an AdGuard license from a distributor. With a license key, you can:

  • Activate your license in a product, if you don't have an AdGuard account
  • Bind your license to your AdGuard account and unbind it

When you unbind a license, be sure to save the license key first. You'll need the key to rebind your license or transfer it to another account.

How to recover a license key

If you don't remember the license key, check out your AdGuard account: all licenses bound to your email address are displayed there.

If you've lost the license key purchased from a distributor, please reach out to us at Be ready to provide a receipt or other proof of purchase.