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What is AdGuard license

What is AdGuard license

A license is permission to use the AdGuard product, provided in accordance with the End User License Agreement. AdGuard licenses exist in the form of license keys, activation codes, and product cards in the user's AdGuard account.

Some licenses need to be purchased (e.g. AdGuard Ad Blocker Personal), some are free and limited by term (e.g. trial licenses of AdGuard apps) or have a limited functionality (e.g. AdGuard for iOS or AdGuard Browser extension). Here's the list of all types of AdGuard Ad Blocker licenses.

  1. Trial licenses are free time-limited licenses with full functionality: AdGuard for Windows — 14-day trial, AdGuard for Mac — 14-day trial, AdGuard for Android — 7-day trial.
  2. Free licenses are not time-limited, but have limited functionality: AdGuard Browser extension, AdGuard Content Blocker, AdGuard for iOS.
  3. Subscriptions are paid licenses that are renewed automatically every month or every year. They can also be extended manually. AdGuard Ad Blocker Monthly subscription, AdGuard Ad Blocker 1-year subscription.
  4. Licenses purchased from distributors and gifted licenses are time-limited and cannot be renewed automatically. Though, they can be extended manually: AdGuard Ad Blocker Monthly license, AdGuard Ad Blocker 1-year license.
  5. Lifetime licenses are not time-limited and have full functionality: AdGuard Ad Blocker Lifetime, AdGuard Pro for iOS.

How many devices can be added

Different licenses can be used with a different number of devices:

  • Personal: up to three devices,
  • Family: up to nine devices,
  • AdGuard Pro for iOS: one device.

To use your license on a device, log in to your AdGuard account on it. To extend the device limit, you can upgrade your license.

What is a license key

A license key is a unique sequence of characters that represents an AdGuard Ad Blocker license. It is automatically registered for the email you used for license purchase. With a license key, you can:

  • log in to your AdGuard account in some products (e.g. AdGuard for Windows),
  • activate your license in a product, if you don't have an AdGuard account,
  • bind your license to your AdGuard account and unbind it.

When unbinding a license, be sure you write the license key down beforehand or note in some other (safe) way. You'll need the key for re-binding your license or transferring it to another account.

How to recover a license key

You can easily check which license keys belong to you in your AdGuard Account.

The license key is bound to your account via the email address you used to purchase AdGuard.

Please note that it is often not enough to just find out what your license key is. If it was already used on another computer, it’s necessary to unbind it from that computer through the AdGuard Account before using it again.