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Questo articolo riguarda il Blocco annunci AdGuard, che protegge solo Samsung Internet Browser o il browser Yandex. To protect your entire device, download the AdGuard app

The application is available in five stores: Google Play, Samsung Galaxy store, Huawei AppGallery, Aptoide, and F-Droid.

To install AdGuard Content Blocker from Google Play, search AdGuard Content Blocker and tap Install.

Content Blocker on Google Play *mobile_border


AdGuard Content Blocker works in two browsers: Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet Browser.

After the installation is completed, tap Open to run the app.

Content Blocker installed *mobile_border

If you have a supported browser installed on your device, the app will ask you to enable AdGuard.

Onboarding: user has a supported browser *mobile_border

If you don't have a supported browser, you will be prompted to choose and install one.

Onboarding: no supported browser *mobile_border

After the browser is installed, you can start AdGuard Content Blocker to block ads and trackers in it.