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Credits & Acknowledgements

Our dev team would like to thank the developers of this third-party software, our beta testers and other interested users who helped AdGuard improve and grow.

Third-party software

This is the list of libraries and other resources that really helped us with AdGuard software development process.

AdGuard per Windows

AdGuard per Mac

AdGuard per Android

AdGuard per iOS

Estensione del Browser di AdGuard

AdGuard per Safari

AdGuard Browser Assistant


Special thanks

Also a huge thanks and gratitude to all beta testers and other engaged users, whose help in finding/eliminating all the bugs, translating AdGuard and moderating our communities was priceless. Special thanks to:

  • ag_bug_finder — beta tester of AdGuard for Windows
  • Aikatsui — active contributor to AdGuard Home
  • Andy Kleinert (AndyKl) — translator and proofreader to German in Crowdin
  • BigDargon — contributed the hostsVN project as a source to the list of AdGuard DNS
  • Blaz — started as a filter contributor and now working at AdGuard
  • Boo Berry — Telegram group moderator
  • buuuuuuu190 — beta tester
  • clarke — beta tester
  • dartrax — beta tester
  • dja2k — beta tester
  • Eduardo Addad de Oliveira (eduardoaddad) — translator and proofreader to Portuguese and Portuguese, Brazilian in Crowdin
  • fabjazz — beta tester
  • Görkem Emrah Güler (gork7777) — translator and proofreader to Turkish in Crowdin
  • hanschke — beta tester
  • iDjay — outstanding beta tester of AdGuard for iOS
  • Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen (DandelionSprout) — maintainer of "Dandelion Sprout’s Nordic Filters" that are included in all AdGuard tools
  • IONIL — translator and proofreader to Hebrew in Crowdin
  • itabmedia — beta tester
  • kirasam — beta tester
  • krystian3w — very active filter contributor
  • lancelot.moon — translator and proofreader to Chinese Traditional in Crowdin, beta tester
  • Lord Ami — beta tester
  • Lukas Novotny (novas78) — translator and proofreader to Czech in Crowdin
  • malware1 — beta tester
  • milder — beta tester
  • Nicos18 — beta tester
  • Oizaro — translator and proofreader to Italian in Crowdin
  • Oleg Chashko — very active beta tester of AdGuard for Safari
  • Oskari Lavinto (olavinto) — translator and proofreader to Finnish in Crowdin
  • ouzbed — beta tester
  • PentagramTr — filter contributor, namely, he has brought a lot of new things to the Turkish filter
  • Peter Hubinsky (hubak) — translator and proofreader to Slovak in Crowdin
  • PiQuark6046 — filter contributor
  • rickyoh — beta tester
  • Ronin427 — beta tester
  • Sanjay Nand — beta tester
  • saturnotaku — beta tester
  • steve1209 — beta tester
  • streetwolf — beta tester
  • superlex — helps us with scriptlets, filters, and AdGuard for Safari
  • TayTayTheKiller — beta tester
  • TPS — bug finder, filter contributor
  • Yuki2718 — actively contributes to AdGuard filters
  • zznosar — active beta tester focused on AdGuard for iOS
  • Sergey Zozulya (sviperz) — active member of our Telegram group, beta tester

We also want to thank the xda-developers users. Thank you for your helpful feedback!

We always appreciate comments from our users, especially constructive ones. You can always contact us to share your thoughts about AdGuard, request new features, and submit bugs. Join the AdGuard Subreddit, Xda-developers Forum or visit our page on GitHub.