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Browsing security


This article is about AdGuard for Android, a multifunctional ad blocker that protects your device at the system level. To see how it works, download the AdGuard app

The Browsing security module can be accessed by tapping the Protection tab (second-left icon at the bottom of the screen) and then selecting Browsing security.

Browsing security protects you from visiting phishing and malicious websites. It also warns you about potential malware.

Browsing security *mobile_border

If you're about to visit a dangerous website, Browsing security will show you the following warning:

Browsing security warning *mobile_border


Please note that AdGuard for Android is not an antivirus program. It neither stops viruses from downloading nor deletes already downloaded ones. To fully protect your device, we recommend using AdGuard in conjunction with an antivirus

Browsing security is safe: AdGuard does not know what websites you visit. It uses hash prefixes instead of URLs to check website security. Learn more about how Browsing security works from this article.