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How to get HAR files


This article is about AdGuard for Android, a multifunctional ad blocker that protects your device at the system level. To see how it works, download the AdGuard app

What are HAR files?

The HAR (HTTP ARchive) format is a JSON-formatted archive file for logging of a web browser's interaction with a site. The specifications of HAR format defines an archival data for HTTP transactions that used by a browser to export detailed information about web pages it loads. More detailed description of HAR file format and its specification you can find at website.

How to get HAR files

Sometimes we need to analyze it to block specific ads that are difficult to reproduce for some reason. To get HAR files follow these steps:

  1. Open AdGuard and go to Settings (⚙ icon in the lower right corner).
  2. Tap GeneralAdvancedLow-level settings.
  3. Scroll down and activate Capture HAR in the Filtering section.
  4. Open the app and perform the necessary actions to reproduce the problem.
  5. Turn Capture HAR off.
  6. Go back to Advanced.
  7. Tap Export logs and system infoAllow (if necessary) → Save.

Please send the file with logs (that you've got as a result) to the AdGuard support service.


Our support team will process your ticket much faster if you specify the HelpDesk ticket number or the GitHub issue number in your message.

How to analyze HAR files

Here are some sources that we can recommend to analyze HAR files:

  • HTTP Archive Viewer master is a HAR analyzer tool, visualizes HTTP Archive (HAR) log files created by HTTP tracking tools.
  • Fiddler is a web debugging proxy, lets you capture, inspect, monitor all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet, mock requests, and diagnose network issues.