Extensia de browser AdGuard

The fastest and lightest adblocker extension that effectively blocks all types of ads and trackers on all websites! Install it for your browser and get an ad-free and safe web experience
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  • Block ads in browsers
    AdGuard extension blocks all types of browser ads, including video, full-screen, floating, popups, banners, and text. Its element-blocking feature allows you to remove any unwanted item on a webpage
  • Protect your privacy and be safe
    AdGuard protects your personal data by blocking third-party trackers, spyware, and adware. It also alerts you when you are about to visit a potentially malicious or phishing website
  • Handle ad blocker detectors
    AdGuard handles ad blocker detection scripts on websites, so you don’t have to disable your adblocker extension to visit those websites
  • Check out AdGuard Assistant
    If you use our desktop app, such as AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard for Mac, you don’t need our browser extension. Instead, use our AdGuard Assistant, a companion extension that helps you manage filtering directly from your browser

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インフレーションゲーム これはそもそもSafariの拡張機能アプリだからSafari以外では効果ないですよ

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阿那不就好棒棒喔 真的好棒棒

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  • The most obvious difference is that our extension only works for the browser it's installed in. It also has technical limitations that don't allow it to block certain types of web requests.
  • To learn more about the key features of AdGuard Browser Extension, read our Knowledge base article.
  • Dacă aveți întrebări, ne puteți contacta 24/7 la Este o idee bună să verificați mai întâi FAQ: conține răspunsuri la 90% din întrebările utilizatorilor.

Extensia de browser AdGuard

Our state-of-the-art adblocker extension quickly and effectively blocks all types of ads and trackers in your browser! Get it for your browser and enjoy ad-free, fast, and safe surfing!
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