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Die Hauptfunktion des AdGuard-Assistenten besteht darin, die Filterung direkt vom Browser aus zu verwalten. Er existiert schon seit langem, aber seine Form und sein Inhalt haben sich verändert. More precisely, it used to be a mere userscript incorporated into AdGuard for Windows app and became a full-fledged browser extension. Now it yields more benefits.

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AdGuard Browser Assistant is a browser extension, it is installed in a browser, so there is no need to wait for the userscript to be injected into the filtered web page, as it was with the preceding one. Mit anderen Worten, es ist unabhängiger von der Haupt-AdGuard-App. Still, Browser Assistant needs the installed AdGuard for Windows, because there is no point in using the extension without the app.

Kompatibilität mit der Haupt-App

If you got into the habit of using our previous AdGuard Ad Blocker extension in Integration mode, you may like the solution that we have developed for the new Browser Assistant.


In previous versions of the AdGuard Browser Extension (before v3.5), if you had it installed along with the AdGuard for Windows app, the extension took over the functions of Assistant, stopped filtering itself and relied on the app to do this.

The extension and the app worked in conjunction but sometimes the integration would fail. Some websites would stop being protected by the desktop program and be backed up only by the less powerful extension.

When using the Browser Assistant, all these problems don’t matter as there can be no conflicts in essence. The role of the Browser Assistant is well-defined and it can’t hinder the functioning of the main app, so there is no need to worry.

Separate tab in Settings

The new Browser Assistant has its own tab in AdGuard for Windows settings, along with Stealth Mode, Browsing Security, Parental Control and others. There you will find a link to download the extension for your default browser. Außerdem gibt es ein Kontrollkästchen, um den alten Assistenten zu aktivieren.

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Assistent für ältere Browser

Legacy-Assistent ist die vorherige Version von Assistent, die lediglich ein Benutzerskript und keine Browsererweiterung ist. Grundsätzlich gibt es zwei Fälle, in denen Sie ihn anstelle des neuen Browser-Assistenten auswählen möchten: 1) Der neue Assistent ist für Ihren Browser nicht verfügbar; 2) Sie sind an das grüne Schild-Symbol gewöhnt und möchten alles so lassen, wie es war.

Wie man AdGuard Browser-Assistenten installiert

If you want to install the Browser Assistant for your default browser, you can do it directly from the app settings, but you also have an opportunity to install it for other browsers.

AdGuard Browser Assistant is available for all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Yandex. To install the one you need (or many, it is not prohibited but even encouraged), go to our website, click the browser icon and tap the Install button. Das war's!