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This article is about AdGuard for Android, a multifunctional ad blocker that protects your device at the system level. Per vedere come funziona, scarica l'app di AdGuard

The Firewall module can be accessed by tapping the Protection tab (second-left icon at the bottom of the screen) and then selecting Firewall.

This feature helps manage Internet access for specific apps installed on your device and for the device in general.

Firewall *mobile_border

Global firewall rules

This section allows you to control Internet access for the entire device.

Global firewall rules *mobile_border

These rules apply to all apps on your device unless you've set custom rules for them.

Custom firewall rules

In this section, you can control Internet access for specific apps — restrict permissions for those that you don’t find trustworthy, or, on the contrary, unblock the ones you want to circumvent the global firewall rules.

  1. Open Custom firewall rules. Under Apps with custom rules, tap Add app.

    Custom firewall rules *mobile_border

  2. Select the app for which you want to set individual rules.

    Adding an app to Custom firewall rules *mobile_border

  3. In Available custom rules, select the ones you want to configure and tap the “+” icon. The rules will now appear in Applied custom rules.

    Added rule *mobile_border

  4. If you need to block a specific type of connection, toggle the switch to the left. If you want to allow it, leave the switch enabled. Custom rules override global ones: any changes you make in Global firewall rules will not affect this app.

To delete a rule or app from Custom rules, swipe it to the left.


If enabled, this feature notifies you when an app tries to break one of the Firewall rules set for that app (for example, to access mobile data when it shouldn’t). You can turn notifications on and off for all apps or for each app separately.

Tap the notification to access the app’s Firewall settings, or temporary disable all Firewall rules for that app by tapping the corresponding button in the notification. You can also mute all Firewall notifications for the app by tapping the Mute button in the notification for that app.

Note that if notifications for multiple apps would be displayed, they will be bundled into a single notification instead.