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Legacy licenses FAQ

We have written this article to avoid confusion and explain in detail how you can renew/upgrade an outdated (legacy) AdGuard license.

About the outdated licenses

Initially licenses of the following types were available to activate AdGuard products:

Standard was for desktop applications, AdGuard for Windows and AdGuard for Mac

Mobile was for mobile apps, AdGuard for Android and AdGuard for iOS

Premium was a license that combined desktop and mobile applications

Standard and Mobile licenses could be purchased for 1 to 9 devices.

Standard were valid only for desktops, and Mobile were only for smartphones and tablets.

Premium licenses could have been used on 2-18 devices. Depending on the number of devices selected upon purchasing, they allowed you to simultaneously activate AdGuard on an equal number of computers and mobile devices: 2+2, 3+3, etc.

For example, you might have had a Premium license for 2+2 devices, that is, the license could be installed on 2 computers and 2 phones/tablets. Or, for example, for 9+9 (18 devices in total), then the license could be installed on 9 computers and 9 phones/tablets.

For all types (Standard, Mobile, Premium) there were options for a Yearly and Lifetime license.

In October 2019 AdGuard switched to the new licensing system: from then on, licenses can still be purchased for 1 year or Lifetime, but their types have become Personal (for up to 3 devices) or Family (for up to 9 devices).

One more change: license keys of the new type can now be used on any device, in any combination. For example, a Personal license can be used on Android, Mac and iOS, just like on two Windows computers and an Apple tablet.

What happened to the outdated licenses?

Standard were automatically made universal, which means that they can be activated on any devices.

Mobile licenses remained unchanged and platform-limited (they can still only be used on phones or tablets).

Premium licenses also remained unchanged and platform-limited. And although Premium licenses are now displayed in your personal account by the total number of devices, they can still be activated on desktop + mobile set of devices.

For example, this is how the 1+1 key looks like:

1+1 key

But despite the total number of devices (2) it can be activated on 1 desktop and 1 mobile device.

All the outdated licenses have a "legacy" badge in the AdGuard account. And they are automatically converted to a new type when you either renew or upgrade them. But there are some nuances. Let's see which licenses can be converted to a new type and how to do it.

I have an outdated (legacy) key. What renewal/upgrade options are available for me?

You can check this on the renewal page or in your AdGuard account:


Go to "My licenses" tab and check what actions are available to you for each specific key. Below we will explain with specific examples.

Licenses for 1/2/3 devices

Yearly licenses for 1, 2, 3 devices can be converted to either Personal or Family:

Upgrade or renew

Choose based on how many devices you need to protect.

Instead of renewal you can switch to Lifetime:


Lifetime licenses can only be converted to Family (9 devices) due to technical limitations:

Lifetime upgrade

Licenses for 4+ devices (up to 9)

Yearly keys of this configuration can only be converted into a Family license:

Yearly license for 4 devices

Lifetime licenses for 4 or more devices cannot be upgraded due to technical limitation:

Lifetime license for 4 devices

Licenses for 9+ devices

Premium keys (5+5 and more) and custom keys for 10+ devices that you purchased individually with the help of our managers.

These are quite unique cases, so if you want to upgrade your license to Lifetime, please contact us at We will make you a special offer depending on the specific configuration of your license.