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How to transfer

How to transfer a license to another device

The license key can be activated on a limited number of devices. If the key has already been used on the maximum allowed number of devices, you need to unbind a device from your account.

How to unbind a device

  • Click Reset license or Log out in an AdGuard app

  • Remove the device from your AdGuard account:

    1. Click AdGuard Ad Blocker in your AdGuard account.

      Account Ad Blocker tab *mobile

    2. Click the device you want to unbind.

      Select device *mobile

    3. Click Remove.

      Click Remove *mobile

After you have unbound the number of devices you need, you can log in to your AdGuard account on new devices. The license will be bound to them.

How to transfer a license to another AdGuard account

  1. Go to the AdGuard account that contains the license you would like to transfer.

  2. Go to the Licenses tab.

  3. Find the license you want to transfer and click Unbind from account.

    Click Unbind from account

  4. Click Unbind (Important: be sure to save the license key).

    Remember the license key *mobile

  5. Go to the AdGuard account that you would like to transfer the license to.

  6. Go to the Licenses tab.

  7. Click Bind license in the upper right corner.

    Bind license *mobile

  8. Enter your license key (from step 3).

In case you can't access your initial account, please contact our support team at