AdGuard extension for Edge

It will not only completely remove all ads in Microsoft Edge, but will also make web surfing a pleasant and safe one.
프로그램을 내려받음으로써 라이선스 계약에 동의하게됩니다.
How to install
AdGuard store 페이지에 간 다음, ’앱 받기’ 버튼을 눌러서 창이 열릴 때가지 기다린 후 다운로드가 완료될 때까지 기다려주세요. Edge 브라우저가 자동으로 실행되며 AdGuard를 활성화 시킬건지 물어봅니다. AdGuard를 테스트해서 저희를 돕고 싶으시다면, 베타 버전을 다운로드 하실 수 있습니다.
No more ads
Block ads in Edge browser with our ad filters. And if you want to block a specific element on the page - then do it, we also have a special manual blocking feature.
Safe and sound
Protect yourself from various trackers that are all around waiting to catch you. AdGuard will also save you from malicious and phishing websites.
Fighting adblock circumvention scripts
You know how some websites don't let in the users with ad blockers? AdGuard can handle most of the adblock circumvention scripts.
Enhance your web surfing experience — install the AdGuard ad blocking browser extension!
AdGuard 추가 정보
You can “talk” to developers, participate in improvement of programs, share news and simply be a part of our community.
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