AdGuard extension for Chrome

World’s most popular browser is under AdGuard’s reliable protection! If you are using Google Chrome, install our extension and it will make sure your web surfing is the most comfortable and safe.
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How to install
You can install the latest release from Chrome Web Store or install the latest beta version, if you want to help us with AdGuard testing.
Ad filtering
No ad will slip by unnoticed with AdGuard browser extension — banners, pop-ups and video ads alike will be eliminated. The manual blocking tool will serve as a backup plan or just let you remove anything you don't want from the page.
Privacy and online safety
AdGuard is more than just an ad blocker, it cares about your privacy and safety on the web. Your personal data is under protection thanks to special filters, and Safebrowsing module will warn you if you let your guard down and venture on a dangerous website.
Handling adblock circumvention scripts
If you have ever used other ad blockers, you are probably familiar with a situation, when a website asks you to disable your ad blocker or otherwise restricts its content. This will not be the case with AdGuard, as it blocks adblock circumvention scripts.
Integration mode
Even if you already happen to use a desktop AdGuard app for Mac or Windows, AdGuard extension will transform into a powerful support tool that is always at hand when you browse the web.
O que dizem as pessoas
Classificação média dos aplicativos 9.5/10 com base em todas avaliações de usuários

Já usava Adguard no Chrome do Windows, agora uso no IOS. Simplesmente o melhor bloqueador. Com todos os filtros imagináveis disponível para o usuário e o melhor, grátis.

Só precisa atualizar o APP para bloquear também no chrome e mozilla para
Android. Uso o APP no chrome em meu computador e é muito eficiente. Para as
pessoas que disseram que o APP não bloqueia nada, ele bloqueia sim,as leiam
a descrição. Essa versão...

Pra que vc navegue sem anuncios! Requer navegadores: Yandex ou Samsung
navegador... E confoguralos... Desative anuncios aceitaveis.... Bloqueia
ate anuncios no youtube. O chrome e favorito dos anuncios... Entao esquece
ele e usa o yandex.

AdGuard for Chrome extension is a great way to protect your favorite browser from ads!
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