iOS Release - AdGuard 版本

AdGuard v3.1.2 for iOS tidies up some of the leftover bugs from the previous release.

  • [Added] Support App Store Promotions #1292
  • [Changed] “Log in” button added back to About screen #1306
  • [Fixed] Too Many Separator lines in filter Menu #1290
  • [Fixed] Swiping to the side makes the filter lists buggy #1291

We’re fixing some bugs here that emerged after the recent v3.1 update.

[Fixed] VPN icon isn’t hidden in iOS 13 #1246
[Fixed] Rare visual glitches on iPad Pro 11" #1248
[Fixed] Mascot style doesn’t match the chosen app theme #1252
[Fixed] License expiration notification is mistakenly displayed #1267
[Fixed] Crash on the purchase screen with certain system languages #1268
[Fixed] Crash due to slow content blocking compilation #1269

Apple tries to steal our thunder with their iOS 13 release, but we stay calm, as we’re sure: AdGuard 3.1 for iOS is big news! There are many noteworthy improvements to filtering process, design and licensing system. Let’s tackle the new version one change at a time.

[Added] New content blocker — Security #1103

In v3.0 we “split up” AdGuard for iOS into five content blockers to circumvent the Safari limitation on 50k rules per ad blocker (which is a ridiculously small number). Each of the content blockers was assigned a specific role, for example, “Privacy” or “Annoyances”. But then we thought: the more content blockers, the more rules you can use at the same time, right? So why not add another one? And we didn’t have to go out of our way for that, as “Security” is a category that organically complements the rest. Previously, filters from that category were included into “Other” group.

Note that you need to enable this new content blocker in Safari settings for it to work!

[Added] “Content blockers” screen #1105

It’s surely irritating when you have to go to Safari settings to check what filter groups are enabled and what are not. We know this from personal experience. The logical solution was to add a new screen right to AdGuard settings, which we did. Go to General settings > Content blockers to see the current state. You’ll even find there what filters exactly are enabled and how many rules each content blockers has used up.

[Improved] Protection status notification on the main screen #1106

This is another change that was so easy to make that it left us wonder why we didn’t make it earlier. Before v3.1, if any one content blocker was disabled, the main screen screamed at you with a red “Protection is disabled” warning, which is of course not true. Now it will let you know in a less alarming yellow color that “some content blockers are disabled”. We care about your mental health :D

[Improved] Content blocker affinity #1104

And here’s a very important change that affects the quality of the actual ad blocking. Some filtering rules depend on each other or work better together. There’s been a problem in cases when such rules belonged to different content blockers. They weren’t always working as intended, even if both content blockers were enabled. Now that it’s fixed, the quality of ad blocking will go further up.

[Added] Lifetime subscription option #1100

As you know, AdGuard for iOS offers two ways to activate Premium features: with a license key and via App Store subscriptions. It wasn’t very fair that while license keys can be either 1-year or lifetime, there was only a 1-year subscription-based activation option. Now, if you’re enjoying AdGuard and would like to stay with us for a while, you can purchase a lifetime subscription in App Store and save some money!

[Added] Native login screen #1197

And a small treat for our users who prefer license keys to subscriptions approach. To link AdGuard for iOS to your AdGuard personal account you don’t need to jump between the app and the browser anymore. When you tap the “Log in” button, a new screen will pop up that allows you to enter the credentials right there. You can choose the “Forgot password” option or even register a new account there too, if needed.

Ad Blocking

  • [Changed] The algorithm of adding a whitelist rule via the Safari action extension #1218
  • [Fixed] Some URL blocking rules aren’t working #1139


  • [Added] “Filter details” screen #1122
  • [Added] Global search to the filters settings screen #1126
  • [Added] Description to the “Restart when network changes” option #1040
  • [Added] “Export logs” option to the “Send feedback” menu #1102
  • [Changed] AdGuard now asks for permission to push notifications #1053
  • [Fixed] Notification after successful login with license key is missing #1180


  • [Changed] AdGuard now makes several attempts to register a content blocker if the first one failed #1205
  • [Fixed] Unexpexted logout at background fetch #1183
  • [Fixed] Can’t add a custom rule when too many filter lists are enabled #1159


  • [Fixed] Crash after opening “Custom filters” #1185
  • [Fixed] Crash when adding multiple custom filters #1035
  • [Fixed] Crash when tapping on “Add rule” in User filter #1137
  • [Fixed] DNS privacy status is displayed incorrectly #1178
  • [Fixed] User filter doesn't work correctly #1189
  • [Improved] License status is now checked on the first app startup #1198
  • [Improved] User filter / Whitelist rules validation process #1174

This update fixes a lot of small-ish bugs, this is a hotfix of sorts if you will. We started addressing iOS 13-related issues, as its gaining more and more popularity among users despite still being in beta.

[Added] Two-Factor Authentication (if enabled in Account) #985

In v3.0 we added an option to log into your personal Account via the app to activate Premium features of AdGuard for iOS. We completely forgot to take into account that some users have had two-factor authentication configured. Now we fix this unfortunate mistake, from now on you’ll be prompted to confirm your identity with an authenticator app in such case.

Ad blocking

  • [Fixed] Issues with User filter #1081


  • [Changed] Dark mode is now available without Premium #884
  • [Changed] A confirmation dialog is now shown when a rule was added via Safari app extension #1034
  • [Fixed] Wrong notification is shown on the first launch #1051
  • [Fixed] Assistant window #1057
  • [Fixed] The login form is not hidden after you log in #1078


  • [Added] License key validation #1065
  • [Added] A link to the Privacy Policy in the VPN dialog #1082
  • [Changed] Date format for time&date of filter updates changed to Chinese in Chinese interface #913
  • [Changed] “Malware domains" filter list has been removed from available filters #1112
  • [Fixed] Domains can’t be added to Whitelist #1062
  • [Fixed] Tutorials crash the app on iPad OS beta #1090
  • [Fixed] User filter crashes when an invalid rule is added #1094
  • [Fixed] Manual element blocking tool doesn’t work on iOS 13 #1096
  • [Fixed] Sometimes authorization freezes the app #1108
  • [Improved] Sharing the AdGuard app link leads to bad formatting #1075
  • [Improved] Google DoH and DoT URLs have been updated in the configuration #1092
  • [Improved] Localizations has been updated

This is huge! AdGuard 3.0 for iOS has lots of new things that should get you excited! DNS Privacy module, custom filters and max limit count raised to 250k ー we have enough topics to talk about!

[Improved] Safari content blocker max rule count raised to 250k #819

Safari is notoriously known for its harsh 50k max limit for filtering rules in content blockers. This number is laughably low, and for ages we were struggling with it. Now we've implemented a workaround: split AdGuard into five content blockers. Each of them has the same 50k restriction but in total they add up to a reasonable 250k rules max. You don't have to seek weird compromises anymore and can enable all your favorite filters!

[Added] "DNS Privacy" settings section #887

This section should look familiar to seasoned AdGuard Pro users. Basically, this is where you have a chance to configure DNS settings the way you like it ー and further protect your privacy along the way. The main difference to the Pro version is that there's no blacklist or whitelist here, this was impossible under the current Apple policy. However, there is a requests log that will provide you information about everything that's going on on your device.

[Added] An option to import custom filters by URL #518

This option will be very useful for those who support their own filters, or just have a favorite filter that wasn't included by default. Add it by URL and it will be kept updated just as any other filter!

Ad blocking

  • [Fixed] "Invert Whitelist" option doesn’t work #859
  • [Improved] Filters categories rework #818


  • [Added] "Restart tunnel on network change" setting #1039
  • [Fixed] DNS Privacy switch is on after VPN configuration is deleted from iOS settings #946
  • [Fixed] Filters update error #930
  • [Improved] Support for DNS64 / NAT64 networks has been added #796


  • [Added] An option to pause video guides #863
  • [Changed] Tutorial videos has been slowed down a bit #826


  • [Added] A forwarder for Adguard website links #783

We are lucky to have a lot of amazing volunteers who help us translate AdGuard into various languages. Thanks to their efforts we were able to improve the existing localizations and even add a new one — AdGuard is now available in Japanese!

  • [Improved] Translations have been updated

Hello! This is a very small update. We updated the translations (thanks to all the volunteers by the way!) and added a "Rate me" dialog window. If you've always wanted to give us 5 stars, but just keep forgetting — this change is for you! :) Seriously though, just swipe the dialog away if you don't feel like rating the app, and it won't bother you again.

  • [Added] "Rate me" dialog #751
  • [Improved] Translations has been updated

Hello! Some iOS 9 users may have encountered certain troubles after the previous update. We fixed the related issues in this hotfix, so please update! Users of newer iOS versions can update too, there's no harm in that :)

  • [Fixed] AdGuard 2.0.2 crashes on old iOS versions #718
  • [Fixed] White text on white background#731

Usually we update both AdGuard and AdGuard Pro for iOS simultaneously, but not this time. Don't worry — the new version of AdGuard for iOS has arrived, and it features new design, web reporting tool integration and more.

[Changed] App redesign #455

This is undoubtedly the first thing you will notice when you run the app after the update. Light theme has been discontinued in favor of a dark one, and the overall style of the menu has changed.

[Added] Detect if Content Blocker is not enabled in Safari settings #437

Enabling AdGuard Content blocker in Safari settings is required to have filtering going on in Safari. If AdGuard is disabled, the red warning will appear at the top of the main screen to remind you to enable the Content Blocker. The video right below it shows how to do so.

[Added] Integration with the web reporting tool #533

You may have heard about the online reporting tool before, especially if you are an AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard extension user. Basically, it is a web form to report missed ads, false positives or any other issues caused by AdGuard filters. Now it is integrated with AdGuard for iOS, so whenever you report a problem, the app will automatically prefill all the required fields about its settings.


  • [Added] "Learn about other AdGuard products" item to the "RATE AND SHARE" block #641
  • [Improved] Tutorial videos have been updated #539
  • [Improved] AdGuard now uses default iOS Sharing functionality #590

Ad Blocking

  • [Changed] “Send Bug Report” menu item has been reworked #649
  • [Fixed] Error while loading filters into Safari #550


  • [Improved] Translations has been updated
The time has come for another version of Adguard for iOS to be released. Renovated Assistant and the new “Invert whitelist” option are the headliners of this update.

[Changed] Assistant in the Safari extension #469

We have unified the Assistant code, so that it’s the same across the board now: AdGuard for Windows, Mac and iOS, browser extensions, you name it. While at it, we have changed the exterior a bit (hopefully, for the better). As a side effect, there’s temporarily no ‘Preview’ option, but it will be added in the next version.

[Added] Inverted whitelist #431

This is a quite narrow option, but some users will definitely find it useful. By inverting the whitelist (which you can do in the Advanced settings, by the way) you will switch AdGuard into a special mode that doesn’t block ads anywhere by default, but filters all websites that you add to this list. The inverted whitelist is independent from the regular whitelist, so you can have them both configured as you find appropriate and switch between the modes depending on your current goals.

[Improved] Added scaling support for iPhone X (18:9) #513

Upon the release of iPhone X some of AdGuard interface panels looked pretty ugly. We had to do some work to make it look smooth and natural for all those lucky owners of the newest Apple flagship device :)


  • [Fixed] Keyboard covers up text field in custom filters #505
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated

This is a very small update aimed at fixing a couple of minor issues.

  • [Other] iOS Assistant is incorrectlty placed on the site #463
  • [Other] - Adguard toolbar is missing #416

This is a rather small update. A couple of important fixes like broken filter search, several minor UI changes + updated translations.

  • [Added] A build number to About screen #406
  • [Added] "Filter rules syntax" link to the User filter #375
  • [Fixed] Filter search doesn't work #388
  • [Fixed] Not able to report a missed ad in Safari #394
  • [Fixed] Sometimes Adguard сrashes when you open advanced settings #451
  • [Fixed] Incorrect warning message on the main screen about the filters conversion error #414
  • [Improved] The translations have been updated #427