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Adguard is a unique internet filter that removes ads, ad-trackers and blocks websites with viruses & malware.
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Online Ad Blocking
Adguard blocks all forms of advertising across all browsers, including banners, pop-ups, and video clips.
  • Blocks all types of ads
    Aside from blocking the most common type of ads in the form of banners, Adguard also filters video ads, rich media, and other unconventional types of ads.
  • Supports all browsers
    Adguard supports the 17 top browsers. And in the unlikely event that your browser isn’t supported by default, you can simply add it in the settings!
  • Simple and easy-to-use
    Adguard starts doing its thing right after installation, doesn’t require configuration, and updates itself on a regular basis.
Over 4,913,735 users
have already installed Adguard
Adguard users visit all sorts of websites but are free of unwanted ads
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Online Threat Protection
No need to worry about websites that use malicious methods to acquire your personal info or infect your computer with viruses. With Adguard, you are perfectly safe!
  • Prevents the installation of malicious programs
    Adguard protects you from websites that contain viruses and from other internet threats.
  • Protects against fraudulent websites
    Our database is constantly updated with phishing sites. With Adguard you are securely protected from scams!
  • See which sites can be trusted
    Adguard accumulates website reputation data from numerous reliable sources, including Web of Trust.
We’ve got 1,466,910 harmful web sites on record
But our users need not worry about any of them. Adguard automatically filters all malicious sites.
Meanwhile, feel free to manually check out any site that comes to mind.
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Parental Controls
Turn on the Adguard Parental Control, and rest assured that your children will be protected from the websites with inappropriate content
  • Pornographic websites are blocked automatically
    Adguard won’t let a single site with adult or otherwise inappropriate content through.
  • All sites with content inappropriate for children are blocked
    Adguard instantaneously identifies whether a site is safe for children or not.
  • Protection against undesirable advertising
    With Adguard, you won’t have to fear for your children running into inappropriate ads across any and all sites they might visit.
To date we’ve classified over
23,973,354 web sites
Our website database contains a variety of categories.
This allows us to limit children’s access to websites with undesirable content.
With Adguard, you can leave your child one-on-one with the World Wide Web without a worry.
Adguard has been recommended by leading publishers
Speed up your Internet connection
By blocking ads, Adguard substantially lowers website loading times and data consumption.
  • Faster website loading times
    Ads are removed before data is downloaded to your computer, resulting in faster loading times.
  • Reduced data usage
    Adguard allows you to use considerably less traffic than you normally would. The perfect solution for users of 3G or 4G Internet connections!
  • Monitoring and statistics
    Always stay aware of how much data is used up as you browse the web.
Download Adguard Version 5.9 for Windows
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