Ultimate guide to the 20 best secure, encrypted, and private email services

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Now that most of us spend a lot of time online, keeping our data safe is a big deal. Just think about our emails — they're full of personal details, making them a prime target for hackers. That's where encrypted secure email comes in. It's more than just a fancy tech term, it's something we should all consider using. What encryption does is pretty neat: it turns your emails into a code that only someone with a special key can read. So, by using encrypted email, not only do you make sure your information stays private, but you also build trust with others, especially in business. It's all about staying safe and earning respect in the digital playground.

Top private, encrypted, and secure email services

AdGuard Temp Mail

AdGuard Temp Mail is a new temporary email service from AdGuard, a renowned expert in online security and ad blocking. Ideal for situations where a fully functional email account is not required, such as registering for a new website or making a one-time online purchase. AdGuard Temp Mail helps avoid spam, protects your main email address from security threats, and maintains a strict privacy policy, ensuring that nobody except you has access to your mailbox.


ProtonMail stands as a distinguished secure email service from Switzerland, renowned for its commitment to end-to-end zero-access encryption and unmatched privacy. Each email is encrypted directly on the sender's device, ensuring that only the designated recipient has the ability to decrypt and access its content. Notably, even ProtonMail itself cannot access these encrypted messages. Users retain exclusive control over their encryption keys, and the absence of a key recovery option further enhances security measures.

The platform's adherence to open-source principles, coupled with Switzerland's rigorous privacy regulations, positions ProtonMail as a preferred choice for professionals and individuals prioritizing online privacy. For those interested in exploring this secure email platform offerings, there's a complimentary version available, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the service before considering premium subscription options.


Tutanota emerges as a reputable secure email service from Germany, offering comprehensive encryption encompassing all facets of user data, from emails to contacts and calendars. Anchored in open-source programming, this foundation fosters heightened transparency and robust security. With a steadfast commitment to user privacy, Tutanota refrains from storing any access logs, ensuring an additional layer of confidentiality. While being cost-effective and user-friendly, Tutanota also extends a complimentary plan, positioning it as a commendable choice for individuals venturing into the realm of secure email services.


Hushmail is a Canadian secure email service that specializes in providing encrypted email solutions. This service uses intuitive web interfaces and end-to-end encryption to ensure the confidentiality of correspondence. Hushmail encryption works automatically between users of the service, and a secret question can be set for external recipients. It is intended for both individual users and businesses, especially in areas where strict confidentiality is required, such as medicine and law. Hushmail also offers custom domains and built-in forms for professional use. The combination of reliability, ease of use and multi-layered security makes Hushmail one of the leading email services in the security industry.


Mailfence is a distinguished email platform originating from Belgium, dedicated to providing impeccable security and privacy. It employs respected encryption standards, notably OpenPGP, granting users comprehensive control over their encryption keys. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Mailfence refrains from using third-party cloud services, steadfastly opposing mass surveillance in favor of user anonymity.

Beyond its encryption features, Mailfence – a secure email service – offers an array of tools, including an encrypted calendar and dedicated document storage. Users also benefit from the facility to seamlessly import and export keys. Adhering rigorously to European data protection regulations, Mailfence ensures robust defense against unauthorized access to personal and professional correspondence. The service caters to both individual and enterprise needs, with a spectrum of pricing models, inclusive of a complimentary tier.


Posteo is a German secure email platform with a pronounced commitment to privacy, and ecological responsibility. This autonomously financed service consciously sidesteps advertising and refrains from gathering personal data, assuring unparalleled user privacy. Encryption is foundational, with all server-stored data secured and options available for end-to-end message encryption.

Beyond its unwavering dedication to security, Posteo exemplifies environmental stewardship by harnessing green energy sources for its infrastructure. Notably, subscribers enjoy the prerogative to remit payments anonymously, with email accounts being meticulously unlinked from personal identifiers. Complementing its core services, Posteo offers encrypted calendar and contact directory. While ensuring these premium features, this secure email platform operates on a modest monthly subscription model, abstaining from offering complimentary tiers.


Runbox is a Norwegian secure email service that combines robust security features with a commitment to environmental sustainability. It offers strong encryption features to protect data and the privacy of correspondence. Runbox servers are located in Norway and operate under the country's strict data protection laws. This service also emphasizes energy efficiency, using hydroelectric power for all of its operations.

In addition to email, Runbox offers web hosting and domain name services. The company's transparent policies and active engagement with the community make it a solid choice for those who care about privacy and the environment. Runbox is not free, but offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different user needs.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail stands as a versatile and secure email platform tailored to both business professionals and individual users. Central to its design is the notion of streamlined email management, geared towards bolstering user productivity. Ensuring user privacy is paramount, as evidenced by its commitment to encrypted communications and a staunch policy against content intrusion.

A standout feature is its seamless integration with other Zoho offerings - be it calendars, tasks, or notes. This synergy transforms it into a formidable tool for teamwork and collaboration. For those keen on personalization, Zoho facilitates custom domains and is vigilant in upholding security standards, including DMARC, DKIM, and SPF.

While individual users can benefit from its comprehensive free plan, diverse paid alternatives cater to the multifaceted needs of small to medium enterprises. Balancing efficiency, adaptability, and a deep reverence for privacy, a secure email service Zoho Mail emerges as a favored pick for discerning email users.


CounterMail is a Swedish secure email service focused on user privacy. It uses end-to-end encryption and OpenPGP service to protect correspondence from prying eyes. All saved data is encrypted and the encryption keys are only stored on removable disks, reducing the risks of hacking. CounterMail also offers protection against SSL MITM attacks. The interface may be less user-friendly compared to some competitors, but this is offset by the high level of security. The service does not offer a free plan, it is charged for periods of three months or more. CounterMail is an excellent choice for users looking for a high level of privacy and control over their email.

Kolab Now

Kolab Now is a secure email service that offers unique features for privacy and collaboration. Based in Switzerland and operating under strict Swiss data protection laws, Kolab Now provides superior email security. The service offers end-to-end encryption and data storage on Swiss servers. Kolab Now not only offers encrypted email functions, but also integrates with calendar, address book, and task management for increased productivity. It is suitable for both individual and corporate use, with a focus on open standards and transparency. Kolab Now is a paid service that doesn't offer a free plan, but what sets it apart is its commitment to privacy and flexible collaboration features.


Hailing from Canada, Thexyz stands out as a secure email service that puts the privacy of its users at the forefront. Catering to the discerning user, it boasts premium features such as end-to-end encrypted messages, robust automatic backups, and the added layer of two-factor authentication.

Beyond just basic email service, Thexyz is unyielding in its battle against spam and phishing. It achieves this through state-of-the-art security filters. For those always on the move, the service is adaptable, with seamless integration capabilities for mobile devices and various email clients.

Thexyz brings to the table additional offerings — from custom domain support to dedicated team assistance. While the service doesn't provide a free tier, its array of paid plans are designed with flexibility in mind, catering to a spectrum of requirements. For those in pursuit of an email service that doesn't compromise on convenience or security, Thexyz makes a compelling case.

What if I don't need a fully functional mail service?

Very often users don't need a fully functional email account, but just a temporary or anonymous mailbox. It can come in handy when registering on new sites or services where you are not sure of long-term use, for one-time purchases in online stores, to participate in promotions, etc.

Advantages of temporary mail over full-featured email accounts

Temporary mail offers a number of advantages over permanent email accounts that can be useful in various situations:


Choosing temporary mail means you don't have to disclose your primary email, ensuring you remain anonymous.

Safety from spam

By using a temporary address, you keep unsolicited emails away from your main inbox.

Quick and easy to create

Setting up a temporary mailbox is typically immediate, without registration or personal details required.

Single use

Temporary emails are great for one-time website registrations without tying them to your main email.

Automatic deletion

These mailboxes often come with an auto-delete feature after a set duration, saving you cleanup time.

It's free

The majority of temporary email providers offer their services for free.

Phishing protection

A temporary email can act as a buffer, safeguarding your primary account from potential threats and malicious scams.

The list of top temporary mail services

Temp Mail

Temp Mail offers a solution for those seeking a short-term email address without the fuss of registration. This service shines when you're signing up for test accounts on websites, or simply trying to safeguard your main mailbox from potential spam. One of its handy features is the automatic deletion of messages after a set timeframe, so you don't have to bother cleaning it up. By using Temp Mail, you can dodge pesky spam, unwanted ads, and phishing attempts. While it's a free service that lets you promptly view incoming mails, it's essential to note that Temp Mail isn't meant for storing crucial or sensitive information. is your go-to service when you need a short-lived email address right at your fingertips. Great for one-off sign-ups, website tests, or just to shield your main email from those annoying spam messages. The user-friendly interface lets you view, save, or delete emails, and you decide how long they stick around. What sets apart is the personalized touch — you're in the driver's seat when managing that temporary inbox. Best of all? It's free, no sign-ups, ensuring you stay anonymous while getting quick and dependable access to your messages. Just remember, it's designed for short-term use, not long-term storage.


Maildrop offers a straightforward way to whip up a temporary email without the fuss of registrations or passwords. Sporting a user-friendly interface, it's a breeze to get an address that lasts just long enough. And don’t worry about being flooded with junk mail — Maildrop got a nifty spam filter in place to keep those nuisances at bay. Plus, as it’s free and open-source, Maildrop is a top pick for those quick, throwaway email needs. Though it's perfect for one-off jobs, it's worth noting that protecting sensitive information isn't its strong suit.

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is a service that provides temporary email addresses to protect your main mailbox from spam and unwanted emails. It can be used to quickly and easily create a temporary address with a choice of a variety of domains, which gives additional authenticity to the address. Emails received at the temporary address are automatically deleted after 24 hours, keeping your inbox clean. The main advantage of Fake Mail Generator is its ease and speed of use, with no need to register or install additional software. Despite the temporary nature of the service, it provides a sufficient level of privacy for basic needs.

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail is a free temporary email service that allows users to create a disposable mailbox, protecting the main address from spam and advertising mailings. The service is especially useful when registering on new websites or subscribing to newsletters, where there is a risk of receiving junk mail.

The user can choose a random address or create their own, and all incoming emails will be available for one hour, after which they are automatically deleted. It is possible to send emails from a temporary address, which makes Guerilla Mail a convenient tool for anonymous correspondence.

The service is easy to use and does not require registration or password entry. All e-mails are available directly in the web interface, and there is no need to install additional software.


ThrowAwayMail offers users the ability to generate disposable email addresses, ensuring their primary inbox remains free from unwanted spam and extraneous newsletters. This service is particularly advantageous when registering on new platforms, subscribing to mailing lists, or trialing services that might result in a barrage of promotional emails.

A distinctive feature of ThrowAwayMail is its persistence: the temporary address remains functional as long as the associated browser tab is kept open. However, users should be mindful that all emails will be automatically purged after a 48-hour window. Registration is not required to access the service, and personal details remain undisclosed. The platform boasts a straightforward and efficient interface, facilitating ease of use for all patrons. The service is offered at no charge, providing a practical solution for email management.


Mailinator offers a distinctive approach to temporary email services. It allows users to spontaneously generate email addresses without any registration or additional steps. These ad-hoc addresses are particularly useful for single-use registrations, website testing, and shielding your primary email from potential spam.

A notable feature of Mailinator is its automatic mailbox creation; any address directed to the domain instantaneously forms a mailbox once an email is received. While all incoming messages are accessible to the public for a short duration before deletion, it's essential to recognize the implications of this openness. Given the public nature of the mailboxes, Mailinator is not recommended for handling sensitive or private mail.


YOPmail offers a complimentary temporary email service, serving as an invaluable asset in safeguarding your primary email account from unwanted spam and potential phishing schemes. With YOPmail, users can either opt for a randomly generated email or customize one to their liking. These email addresses remain active for a duration of 8 days.

A distinguishing feature of YOPmail is its no-registration policy, meaning all emails directed to a specific address are accessible by anyone privy to that address. While this ensures swift and straightforward accessibility for ephemeral tasks, it's prudent to avoid using it for confidential or private mail communications.

Navigating YOPmail is uncomplicated, with its user-friendly interface enabling immediate access to the temporary inbox from its main webpage. Supplementary features encompass options for redirects, managing attachments, and even generating aliases for heightened anonymity.

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is a free service that provides temporary email addresses that are automatically deleted after 10 minutes. This short validity period makes it ideal for one-time tasks such as registering on websites, confirming an address or accessing downloadable resources.

The user interface is simple and intuitive: website visitors instantly receive a temporary email address ready to use. All incoming emails are displayed on the same page and are available for viewing within 10 minutes. If necessary, you can extend the validity time of the mailbox.

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AdGuard Pro for iOS

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AdGuard for Safari

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AdGuard Temp Mail

A free temporary email address generator that keeps you anonymous and protects your privacy. No spam in your main inbox!
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AdGuard for Android TV

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Downloading AdGuard To install AdGuard, click the file indicated by the arrow Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, drag the AdGuard icon to the "Applications" folder. Thank you for choosing AdGuard! Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, click "Install". Thank you for choosing AdGuard!
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