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Questo articolo riguarda l'Estensione di browser AdGuard, che protegge solo il tuo browser. Per proteggere l'intero dispositivo, scarica l'app AdGuard

AdGuard Browser Extension is a free extension that works in five popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Yandex Browser. Puoi trovarla facilmente sul negozio online del tuo browser o sul nostro sito web ufficiale.

AdGuard Browser Extension for Chrome *border

Browser extensions include basic ad-blocking features but cannot be compared with full-featured desktop programs, such as AdGuard for Windows and AdGuard for Mac.

Available for most popular browsers *border


Per Safari, abbiamo un'estensione indipendente. Since the release of Safari 13, most of the ad-blocking extensions have experienced huge issues and many of them stopped functioning. We had to develop a separate extension for Safari that has some differences in comparison with the extension described in this article.

Do not forget that the functionality of each extension is strictly limited by the browser’s capabilities. So if you want to get full-fledged protection, consider installing a standalone program for your computer. There's a reason why.