Hvem vi er?

Vi er et team av erfarne spesialister fra AdGuard Software Limited — selskapet grunnlagt i 2008 og basert i Nikosia, Kypros. AdGuard Software Limited er et IT-selskap som utvikler en rekke programvareprodukter for Internettfiltrering.

Hva vi gjør

Til dags dato har vi gjort et reelt gjennombrudd innen annonseblokkering på Internett. Vårt flaggskipprodukt, AdGuard, har stor popularitet — vi har millioner av vanlige brukere over hele verden. Med tanke på våre kunders ønsker, jobber vi kontinuerlig med å forbedre våre produkter, og utviklet derfor et bredt spekter av programvare, som inkluderer en multifunksjonell AdGuard-annonseblokkerinsprogrammer, mobilapplikasjoner og nettleserutvidelser. Våre løsninger er ikke bare en annonseblokkering; de beskytter mot nettrusler, forhindrer sporing og filtrerer uanstendig materiale. Denne omfattende tilnærmingen tilbyr filtrering av høy kvalitet, noe som gjør AdGuard til et viktig verktøy for enhver Internettbruker. Vårt oppdrag er å gjøre nettsurfingen til brukerne våre så komfortabel og trygg som mulig.
AdGuards chronicle?
Kommunarka, Moskva-regionen
Kommunarka, Moskva-regionen

The birth of AdGuard

Moscow, 2009. The global financial crisis that started in 2008 is rampant and makes life difficult for startups. Future founders of AdGuard are busy developing NetChart — a free web analytics service. It was working on NetChart that allowed us to understand the potential of user data — what kinds of personal information can be received, what can be done with it, and how to abuse it. It also allowed us to understand that the users themselves are not aware of its potential and dangers. This is how we came to create AdGuard.
Utvikling av logo
Utvikling av logo
A few months after the first official release, we released an update to the program. Its quality was extremely poor, we were criticized, but thanks to this, we made Forum — a beta testing program with the participation of active users.
It still works and helps us a lot: the scale of our gratitude to users is comparable only to the amount of their contribution to the quality of AdGuard applications. By the way, if you want to join the team of beta testers, fill out this form.
AdGuard 4.2.2
AdGuard 4.2.2
This year, we took our first step towards taking the world over: we translated the app's interface into English. And in October 2011, we released such a global update that it could be considered a completely new application. The interface has complete redesigned, there was a power save mode and a browser plugin named AdGuard Assistant. We have added several experimental security techniques, a proxy server, and many other features.
AdGuard nettleserutvidelse
AdGuard nettleserutvidelse
In August 2013, we realized we needed to communicate with our users, tell them news about AdGuard, and discuss ideas for development. This is how AdGuard blog appeared.
In September 2013, we learned how to block ads in encrypted traffic — now blocking started to work in services with user authorization, such as social networks.
In November 2013, users who lacked the free version of AdGuard received an extension for Chrome. It also became our first open source product.
Google fjernet oss fra deres Play Store
Google fjernet oss fra deres Play Store
We finally ceased custom web development and focused on AdGuard. Another important decision was to enter the global market and stop being limited to the CIS countries. To do this, English had to become the main language of all interfaces at the development stage. All our localizations are also open-source, a community of translators is working on them, and we treat this community with a lot of love and appreciation. You can become a part of it.
In November 2014, the long-awaited app for Android was released. Even two apps: paid and free ones. But, alas, a few days after the launch, Google removed these apps from the Play Store.
AdGuard for macOS
AdGuard for macOS
In January, we wrote AdGuard Filter Policy. At the same time, we started distributing free licenses to schools. We believe that ad blocking for children and teens should be available for free, because ads harm them more than adults, and abuse of their private data is potentially more dangerous.
In March 2015, AdGuard for Mac OS was released — the first system blocker for the Mac ecosystem that can block ads in different apps on the device.
AdGuard på Webit
AdGuard på Webit
In April, we won the Webit Awards startup competition at the Webit.Festival Europe.
In June, we made Annoyances Filter.
In July, we were on standby and ready for the invasion of the Internet of Things: AdGuard DNS started working.
In September 2016, AdGuard Pro for iOS was released.
AdGuard nettside
AdGuard nettside
Development has gained impressive momentum: several global updates of all applications and 25 releases of varying scale.
We completely redesigned the website , translated it into more than a dozen languages, and fully adapted it for mobile devices.
Since 2017, we have been developing research and analytics sectors. We want to understand where the advertising industry, marketing, technology, and the Internet are heading to protect users from new threats.
The most important change in 2018 was CoreLibs, the new cross-platform engine for all AdGuard products. The fight against ad blocking is carried out on all “fronts”, but thanks to CoreLibs, AdGuard is now again one step ahead.
In 2018, we started releasing Nightly builds — the “raw” versions of AdGuard. Thus, our tireless testers take on the first wave of nasty bugs, so that ordinary users get the most stable version of the program.
And at the end of the year we released two powerful products — AdGuard Home and AdGuard DNS. This is the first step towards users’ full control over all devices on their home or work networks.
It's impossible to fit all that happened to AdGuard in 2019 in few sentences. We released numerous updates for all of our products, launched a new one — AdGuard for Safari — and even reanimated AdGuard Pro for iOS.
Privacy continued to be our top priority. We introduced 2FA for our website and exposed several fake ad blocker extensions that were stealing users' personal data.
But it wasn't all work, we had some fun too! AdGuard celebrated its 10th birthday, and participated in Ad Blocker Dev Summit along with many other major industry players.
It's safe to say that 2020 was in a lot of ways a unique year for everyone. AdGuard, just as everybody else, had to adapt to new realities. But that doesn't mean we stopped improving our products. Far from that, we even developed new ones!
Of course, the biggest thing that happened to us this year was AdGuard VPN. It was a very natural continuation of our efforts to improve users' privacy. We tested the waters with a browser extension, which was then followed by apps for Android and iOS. Versions for Windows and Mac are in development and you'll read about them in the next year's recap
It's also impossible not to mention the fact that AdGuard DNS became the world's first DNS-over-QUIC resolver, and you can try it out in our Android and iOS apps, or with the help of AdGuard Home.
Vi forbedrer og utvikler våre applikasjoner, mens vi streber etter å gjøre dem vakrere og enklere å bruke. Vi forbereder ny forskning, vi er dissekerer de neste truslene mot sikkerhet, privatliv og effektiv nettsurfing. Og vi takker hver bruker av AdGuard: takk for at du er med oss, motiverer oss og hjelper oss!
Andrey Meshkov
Founder, CTO
Igor Lukyanov
Founder, COO
Dmitry Zaytsev
Daria Magdik
Head of Business Development
Kristina Korolkova
Evgenia Kosterina
Head of Sales
Konstantin Zamyakin
Adam W
Filters Commando
Ainar G
Go TeamLead
Alexander T
Lead Developer
Alexandr K
PHP / Go Developer
Alexandr S
QA Engineer
Alexey B
Filters Guru
Alexey D
Android Developer
Alexey G
Java Developer
Alexey L
Java Developer
Alexey M
Java Developer
Alikhan A
Head of Design
Andrey K
IT System Administrator
Andrey P
Java Developer
Anna A
Content Manager
Anna M
Marketing Manager (FR)
Anna N
QA Engineer
Anton K
Front-End Developer
Arseny L
Front-End Developer
Artem B
Java Developer
Artem I
Android Team Lead
Artem M
Project Manager
Aydin B
QA Engineer
Boris B
Windows Developer
Daria B
Marketing Manager (CN)
Denis S
Product designer
Denis S
Android Developer
Denis V
Product Owner (AdGuard VPN)
Dmitriy S
Javascript developer
Dmitry K
Dmitry K
MacOS Developer
Elena T-M
Content Manager
Elina A
Product designer
Eugene B
Go Developer
Eugene M
Igor B
MacOS Developer
Ildar K
Front-End Developer
Ilya K
iOS Developer
Ivan I
iOS Developer
Kirill M
Front-End Developer
Konstantin G
QA Engineer
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Ksenia B
HR Manager
Ludmila K
Maria B
Maria G
QA Team Lead
Markus W
Filters Maestro
Maxim T
Javascript developer
Mikhail B
Windows Developer
Natalia K
Marketing Manager (KO)
Natalia S
UX writer
Nikita G
CoreLibs Developer
Oleg L
Olga K
Roman S
Lead macOS Developer
Rustam G
Front-End Developer
Sergei G
CoreLibs Developer
Sergey B
iOS Developer
Sergey F
Development Ninja
Sergey L
Filters Enchanter
Sergey S
Front-End Developer
Slava L
Javascript developer
Slava M
Filters wizard
Stanislav A
Filters Developer
Tatiana S
Timur B
Valery Y
Marketing Manager (JA)
Vasily B
Senior content manager
Vlad A
Javascript developer
Vladimir O
Head of product
Vladimir Z
Javascript developer
Hvor er vi?
AdGuard software Limited address: Office 1, 3rd floor Panayides Building, Chrysanthou Mylona St., 3030, Limassol, Cyprus
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