Lisenser for utviklere

Vi hos AdGuard prøver alltid å støtte likesinnede mennesker, spesielt programvareutviklere som gjør livet til millioner av brukere litt enklere. Vi setter pris på ditt frivillige arbeid i å streve for å forbedre brukerens Internettopplevelse.
And as our gratitude for your contribution to the common cause, we would like to offer a free license to:

Filters maintainers

It's a highly important mission to protect users from ads, trackers, and other online threats. AdGuard also has a number of filters, which are created by our team and are constantly being improved and updated. We understand the complexity of your work like nobody else. So, you definitely deserve our encouragement!

Userscripts developers

Userscripts extend the functionality of some websites. We admire those people who help others enhance their online experience, and almost always even for free. We are happy to offer them a free AdGuard license, along with our respect.

Extension developers

It doesn’t matter if the developing of extensions is the business of your life or maybe just a hobby. You do an important job, that we at AdGuard really appreciate and demonstrate this appreciation by offering you a free license.

Software developers (for testing purposes)

For developers of any software there is an opportunity to get our license key for free for testing purposes. If you want to check your software for compatibility with AdGuard, please contact us and briefly describe your needs.

Contact us

If you found yourself among any of the categories listed above, do not hesitate to contact us and request a license. We are happy to share AdGuard with you!
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