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В этой статье рассказывается об AdGuard для Mac — многофункциональном блокировщике рекламы, который защищает ваше устройство на системном уровне. To see how it works, download the AdGuard app


The DNS section contains one feature, DNS protection, with multiple settings:

  • Providers
  • Фильтры
  • Blocklist
  • Белый список


If you enable DNS protection, DNS traffic will be managed by AdGuard.


Under Providers, you can select a DNS server to encrypt your DNS traffic and block ads and trackers if necessary. We recommend AdGuard DNS. For more advanced configuration, you can set up a private AdGuard DNS server or add a custom one by clicking the + icon in the lower left corner.


DNS filters apply ad-blocking rules at the DNS level. Such filtering is less precise than regular ad blocking, but it’s particularly useful for blocking an entire domain. To add a DNS filter, click +. You can find more DNS filters at filterlists.com.


Domains from this list will be blocked. To add a domain, click +. You can add domain names or DNS filtering rules using a special syntax.

To export or import a blocklist, open the context menu.

Белый список

Domains from this list aren’t filtered. To add a domain, click +. To export or import an allowlist, open the context menu.