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Extension’s main menu


This article is about the AdGuard Browser Extension, which safeguards only your browser. To protect your entire device, download the AdGuard app

The extension's main page can be accessed by clicking the extension's icon on the toolbar of your browser.

Main menu *mobile_border

On the main page, you can hide any element on any page manually (a corresponding rule will be added to the User rules), open the Filtering log to view the complete information about your browser's traffic and block requests on the go, or look at a website’s security report. Besides, you can submit a complaint about any website (for example, if there are missed ads on the page, our filter engineers will review the report and fix the problem) and see the statistics on applied blocking rules.

All web requests made by the browser are displayed in the Filtering log, along with detailed information about each request. The Filtering log makes it easy, for example, to monitor requests blocked by AdGuard Browser Extension. Besides, it allows you to block any request or add a previously blocked request to Allowlist in two clicks. The Filtering log also offers you a wide variety of options for sorting web requests, which can be helpful when creating your own filtering rules. You can open the Filtering log by selecting the corresponding item in the main menu, or from the settings page (in the "Additional settings" tab).

By clicking the icons in the top right corner of the extension's main menu, you can open the extension settings or pause the protection.