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Other features and options


This article is about the AdGuard Browser Extension, which safeguards only your browser. To protect your entire device, download the AdGuard app

Apart from the large key modules of AdGuard Browser Extension, there are several more specific features that can be configured in the General and Additional settings tabs of the extension settings.


In the General tab, you can allow search ads and the self-promotion of websites, enable the automatic activation of language-specific filters, indicate the filters update interval, etc.

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Besides, here you can enable Phishing and malware protection.

You can save your settings configuration by clicking the Export settings button. The settings will be saved as a .json file. To upload the previously saved settings configuration, use the Import settings function. You can even use it to quickly switch between different settings profiles or even to transfer settings configurations between different browsers.

Additional settings

The Additional settings section contains a range of various settings that are related to the ad blocking process and application usability.

Additional settings *border

From this tab, you can activate optimized filters, enable notifications about extension updates, open the Filtering log, or clear the statistics of blocked ads and trackers.

Besides, you can opt to help us with the development of filters by sending the statistics on applied rules: which ones are triggered, on which websites, and how often. This option is disabled by default as we do not collect user data without consent. Yet, if you enable it, all data will be strictly anonymized.


In the About section, you can find infos about the current version, links to the EULA and Privacy policy, and to the repository of the Browser extension on GitHub.

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