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Becoming a translator/proofreader

If you want to help translate AdGuard products, websites, and Knowledge bases, go to Crowdin and sign up/log in there.

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Once you do, go to our page. You will see AdGuard projects, each with folders for different product strings.

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Choose your language and you will see the list of available product folders.

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You can start translating literally any product you like by choosing the respective folder. We have some recommendations about what files are better to start with in AdGuard Websites project.

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Filter phrases that are not yet translated and start your translation history.

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Suggest your version in the text box and save it.

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If you don't agree with an existing translation, you can suggest your version. Also, you can upvote and downvote suggestions made by other volunteers by clicking the "plus" and "minus" buttons.

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Besides, there is an opportunity to open translations in a Voting mode if you just want to rate translations.

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You can find some helpful tips on translating AdGuard in this article. Please take a look at it.

How to become a proofreader

We have proofreaders (previously known as moderators) for each language. And every active translator has an option to become one.

So, what are proofreaders responsible for?


  • Approve high-quality translations and disapprove the bad ones;

  • Look after the relevance of translations;

  • Respond to comments related to translations in their language.

Every year, the best proofreaders receive gifts from AdGuard. Active translators do not go unrewarded either. Read more about our reward system.