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Reward system

As any honest and well-performed effort should be rewarded, active translators on Crowdin can request a free AdGuard license key and a VPN subscription.

To request a one-year AdGuard license key or a one-year AdGuard VPN subscription, you must translate at least 500 and 2,500 words respectively.

To check your translation progress, open a project you have worked on, click the Reports tab and select My Contribution. You can sum up the number of words translated in different projects to get a license.

Here’s how our reward system works

For the first one-year AdGuard license, you need to translate 500 words.
For the second license, you need 1,000 words, i.e. 1,500 words altogether.
All subsequent licenses require an additional 1,500 words per license.

For the first one-year AdGuard VPN subscription, you need to translate 2,500 words.
All subsequent subscriptions or renewals require an additional 2,500 words per subscription.

Just send us a request to and you’ll get the license as a token of our gratitude.

Besides, the most active translators may receive proofreader status in the future, should they express such an intention, and that promises even more good stuff.

Every year we present gifts with the AdGuard logo to our active proofreaders. If you want to become one of them, please write to