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How to prioritize the translations of Crowdin files

There are five major AdGuard projects on Crowdin — AdGuard Applications, AdGuard Websites, AdGuard Ad Blocker Knowledge base, AdGuard VPN Knowledge Base, and AdGuard DNS Knowledge Base.

We do not have clear guidelines on which files or products of the AdGuard Applications project to start with. Just choose any product you like.

There are just a couple of things we want to mention:

  • You can see the app only in those languages for which all translations are completed in Crowdin;
  • We recommend translating the descriptions for app stores in the second place, because without the translation of products themselves, the descriptions won't be needed.

The situation is different in the AdGuard Websites project. Languages can be added to the site even if a full set of translations is not available. However, this depends on which files have already been translated. That's why we recommend that you start with the most important files — they are listed below:

AdGuard Ad Blocker website

  • critical.resx
  • auth.resx
  • welcome.resx

AdGuard VPN website

  • critical.resx
  • auth.resx

AdGuard DNS website

  • critical.resx
  • auth.resx

Adding new strings as well as updating existing ones in these files requires special attention from the project translators and proofreaders.

In addition to websites, there is a file for translating transactional emails in the AdGuard Websites project. Newly added strings in this file also have a high translation priority.