AdGuard Assistantで何ができるの?
Choose "Block ad on this website".
Select an element on the page you want to block.
Adjust the selected area by moving the slider and click on "Block". The rule created by Assistant goes into the User filter.
Toggle the "Filtering on this website" switch so it turns red.
A respective rule will be added to the User filter. To enable filtering on the website back, toggle the switch again or delete this rule.
Select "Report the website" if you notice a missed ad or a false positive, or if you think the website should be blocked by the Browsing security module.
You can click&drag the Assistant icon over the page as you like. AdGuard will remember the icon position separately for every website.
In case you want to see how the page would look without AdGuard, you can disable filtering by clicking on "Do not filter for 30 seconds".
Choose the "Website security report" option.
You will be taken to the page on AdGuard website showing whether the site is safe or not.


Of any apps you should 1st put on your new phone is Adguard. With all the big companies adding more and more annoying ads, this is a must have. Does it's job well.

So so happy with AdGuard it's great watching a movie and have no ads annoying you so, thanks to AdGuard for it

It TOTALLY WORKS ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE... I bought LIFETIME Protection, I hope I live long enough to get my 30 Bucks Worth... it is CHEAP and works FAULTLESSLY, so far at least thats why I bought Lifetime Licence, This is probably one of the most useful...

I have been using this since 2016 on our mobile phones. I will never use an Android device again without this software. Huge improvement to security, privacy, use of apps and browsing. Just purchased two licences for PC today.

These guys are real heroes. Very fair pricing, unbelievably hardworking dev team, responsive support and community, quality software, open to their customers etc... I can go on but you get the point. They literally are the best at what they do and you...

Best in class. This program is the best available for getting rid of those internet nuisances called ads.

I upgraded my phone and needed my Activation key and Adguard got back to me withing 12 hours and I was backup and running.

Only known and using AdGuard for 2 weeks. It's the best Safari Adblock extension. Great support. It's not perfect but best.

AdGuard Assistant is always there for you — an inconspicuous but reliable friend.
You can “talk” to developers, participate in improvement of programs, share news and simply be a part of our community.