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How to collect AdGuard installation logs


Dieser Artikel behandelt AdGuard für Windows, einem multifunktionalen Werbeblocker, der Ihr Gerät auf Systemebene schützt. To see how it works, download the AdGuard app

If any problems occur during the installation of AdGuard, the support team might ask you to collect and send them AdGuard installation logs. In this case you need to:

  1. Select Run command in Start menu or press Win + R on the keyboard.

  2. Type in %tmp% and click OK.

    Open temp folder *mobile

  3. In the opened folder select all files starting with Adguard and add them to archive (using WinRAR or any other archiving software).

    AdGuard installation log files *border

  4. Send this archive to AdGuard tech support at support@adguard.com.