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Who we are?
We are the team of experienced specialists from Adguard software Limited — company founded in 2008 and based in Nicosia, Cyprus. AdGuard Software Limited is an IT-company that develops a range of software products for internet filtering. We are not just creators of AdGuard, but rather jedi of the light side of the Internet.
What we do
To date, we have made a real breakthrough in the field of internet advertising blocking. Our flagship product AdGuard enjoys wide popularity — we have millions of regular users worldwide. Considering the wishes of our customers, we are constantly engaged in improving our products, and therefore developed a whole range of software, which includes a multifunctional AdGuard ad blocking desktop programs, mobile apps and browser extensions. Our solutions are not just an ad blocker; they protect from online threats, prevent tracking, and filter obscene materials. This comprehensive approach provides high-quality filtering, making AdGuard an essential tool for every internet user. Our mission is to make our users' web surfing most comfortable and safe.
The Chronicle of AdGuard
Kommunarka, Moscow Region
Kommunarka, Moscow Region
The birth of AdGuard
AdGuard was founded. There were 3 people in the team and the office was in the one of the co-founder’s apartment. It was the year of searching and experiments.
Logo evolution
Logo evolution
AdGuard was reworked from scratch. In October we released renewed version and opened our Forum. Thanks to that we got a huge user feedback that helped us a lot in future program development. Later that year AdGuard Assistant was created.
AdGuard 4.2.2
AdGuard 4.2.2
Second total re-design in AdGuard history in version 5.0. The team is growing, AdGuard got the first proper office.
AdGuard Browser Extension
AdGuard Browser Extension
We understood that to compete with other ad blockers we need to be present in their field as well, so we developed free ad blocking browser extensions for Chrome and Opera.
Google kicked us out of their Play Store
Google kicked us out of their Play Store
Extensions for Safari, Firefox and Yandex.Browser were next. In November we released second major product in AdGuard software range - our Android app. In just a week we were removed from Google Play, because.. well, we block Google’s ads. And by the end of the year AdGuard products reached 5 million users around the world.
AdGuard for Mac OS
AdGuard for Mac OS
Major release in April added AdGuard for Mac to our software products. In October that year other Apple users got their app - AdGuard for iOS was added to App Store. We also created Stealth mode extension (yes, it’s ours) that later was turned into Stealth mode module in AdGuard for Windows. And another important step was to reflect all our development processes on GitHub. We became more transparent than ever and users really helped us by reporting issues and suggesting new features.
AdGuard on Webit
AdGuard on Webit
Third ultimate makeover of Windows program. We released AdGuard 6. which concept design (more or less) you can see now in the current versions. AdGuard won at Webit Festival Europe as the best startup. We released the first version of AdGuard DNS (still working on this), and then AdGuard Content Blocker (limited functionality blocker for Android, works in Samsung and Yandex mobile browsers). In September we released the premium version of iOS app - AdGuard Pro.
AdGuard Website
AdGuard Website
We developed AdGuard for Edge extension and added it to the Microsoft Store. Our website is fully redesigned. It finally represents all our products properly, is adaptive for mobile devices and is simply good-looking and user-friendly :) There are around 40 people in the team.
We improve and develop our applications, while striving to make them more beautiful and easier to use. We are preparing new research, we are dissecting the next threats to security, privacy and effective web surfing. And we thank every user of AdGuard: thank you for being with us, motivating us and helping us!
Andrey Meshkov
Founder, CTO
Igor Lukyanov
Founder, COO
Dmitry Zaytsev
Daria Magdik
Head of Business Development
Kristina Korolkova
Alexander Tropnikov
Lead Developer
Vladimir Vasiliev
Lead Windows Developer
Sergey Fionov
Development Ninja
Boris Bukin
Windows Developer
Roman Bystritskiy
Lead Android Developer
Alexey Baranov
Filters Guru
Sean Lee
Adam Wróblewski
Filters Commando
Tatiana Savelyeva
Markus Duenkel
Filters Maestro
Evgenia Kosterina
Office Manager
Andrey Korolyov
IT System Administrator
Nikolay Kartyshov
Android Developer
Roman Sokolov
Lead macOS Developer
Ivan Ilin
iOS Developer
Konstantin Zamyakin
Back-End Team Lead
Ildar Kamalov
Front-End Developer
Anton Kaprielov
Front-End Developer
Pavel Ovchinnikov
Front-End Developer
Anton Yakushev
DevOps Engineer
Eugene Bujak
Simon Zolin
Sergei Gunchenko
Ludmila Kudryavtseva
Content Pro
Vasily Bagirov
Project Manager
Artem Martynuk
Project Manager
Vladimir Ozersky
QA Engineer
Maria Giganova
QA Engineer
Anton Tokarev
Head of Support
Anna Alpatkina
Content Manager
Vladimir Krylov
System Administrator
Dmitry Kolyshev
Alexey Gorbatko
Victor Grigoriev
Java Developer
Where we are?
Adguard software Limited address: 3rd floor Iris House, John Kennedy St, 3106 Limassol, Cyprus