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Hacked Websites Could Be Using Your Computer To Mine Cryptocurrency
In total, AdGuard discovered cryptocurrency mining code on 220 sites over a three-week period. During that time around 500 million users unknowingly ran that code on their computers. That's because the mining activity happens entirely in the background...
Nasty, scary YouTube: Parents, take these steps to keep the worst from your kids
You may be uncomfortable with your kids seeing an endless array of sugared cereal and toy ads with their videos. You can pay YouTube $10 monthly for a subscription to ad-free YouTube Red, or use an ad-blocker. There are many free ones available for the web and mobile...
A Copyright Claim Was Reportedly Used to Stop Ad Blocking, But It's Complicated
In a blog post, AdGuard—which claims to be “the world’s most advanced ad blocker”—first drew widespread attention to this particular case. The blog explains that EasyList, the most popular list of domain names used by adblockers, removed the domain name “” due to a DMCA removal request that was sent to GitHub.
Spotlight: Adguard is the "no root required" Android ad blocker you want in your life
Meet Adguard! Its strong points are a fair few. The most important one? No root required! This alone elevates Adguard into the ad-blocking elite! The most prominent, but not essential feature though, has to be its modern design. Adguard is styled materially, giving Google design fans enough soft shadows and white spaces to turn the short time they spend inside the app's menus into quality time.
Best ad blocker for iPhone and iPad
AdGuard is one of our favourite free ad blockers due not only to its simplicity, but also how customisable it is. There are over 50 filters built into the app, allowing you to see exactly what you want to see – and not the rest. Even if there’s not a premade filter that you require, you’ll be able to create it in the app with a few taps.
Best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad
AdGuard blocks dozens of different types of ads to speed up your Safari browsing on iPhone and iPad. You can set up rules for specific websites and manually block ads from sites as you visit them using the Share sheet in Safari.
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Crypto-Streaming Strikes Back
Brief summary: while hardening AdGuard’s crypto-jacking protection, we discovered four involved popular websites (mostly streaming) with an aggregated audience of almost a billion people. We have already told you in our blog (part 1, part 2, part 3) about the problem of stealth mining (the so-called "cryptojacking"), but this
AdGuard & AdGuard Pro for iOS 1.3.3
Every time Apple releases a new iPhone there is a huge hype wave in news and social media, and iPhone X has not been an exception. Looks like a perfect...
Twice the releases, twice the fun
Today's article is a very short one: I just want to let all of you know about two minor updates: for AdGuard for Android and AdGuard for Windows...
Black Friday: Get AdGuard at 50% discount
It's time for the biggest sale of the year! On this Black Friday get AdGuard ad blocker at 50% discount.
Cryptojacking surges in popularity growing by 31% over the past month
New research: in-browser mining on the rise. Cryptojacking scripts run on 33k sites. Mostly CoinHive, and mostly without users' consent
5+1 reasons you need an ad blocker
An ad blocker is not just about blocking ads. It has much more to offer. Let's have a look at the reasons why you need an ad blocker in your life.
Ad Blocker 2020: An invisibility cloak for the wild wild web?
An ad blocker of the nearest future is yet another personal assistant, that guides you to your profit and safety through the labyrinth of marketing tech.
AdGuard for Windows v6.2 release
Hello! You'd better hold on something because we are about to drop the biggest changelog you have ever seen! It may be overwhelming if you haven't...
Halloween special offer!
Hello! We don't want to spook you (we totally do), but there are some scarily large discounts on AdGuard licenses going on right now! Make haste to grab...
AdGuard now supports EFF in the fight for civil liberties in the digital world
We decided to back up Electronic Frontier Foundation because we share the same ideas and respect their work
AdGuard DNS now supports IPv6
Good news for those who use AdGuard DNS and like to always be a step ahead — we have added support for IPv6 addresses. Read the article to find out what...
Cryptocurrency mining affects over 500 million people. And they have no idea it is happening.
This autumn the news spread that some websites had been making money by mining cryptocurrencies in their users’ browsers. We have been among the first to add protection from this hidden activity. AdGuard users now receive warnings if a website has been trying to mine, and the users are given
AdGuard for Android v2.10
Hi everyone! AdGuard for Android has always been one of the most rapidly evolving AdGuard products, and it stays that way. Today, we introduce to you...
We are looking for moderators!
Today, we are going to tell you about our new policy concerning working with the translators. If you are eager to help and claim some unique rewards...
A suspicious adblocker puts iOS users’ privacy at risk
An app promises free systemwide ad blocking for iOS devices. Too good to be true! And indeed, it plays some dirty tricks violating privacy