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Adguard for Android version 2.7 official release

We’ve been working on it for quite some time, and really hope you will find it worthy the efforts. It has a little bit for everyone. New settings screen to customize per-app settings for those who like to control everything on their device; new $app modifier for custom rules creators; some good news for Android N users and just generally lots of fixes and ’quality of life’ changes...

New Adguard blog

Adguard blog gets new design! That’s right, we moved our blog to a different engine. It is now more clean, strict, but at the same time more cozy and intuitive (or at least we hope so). Here is a quick tour and some of our plans for the future..

Adguard Content Blocker official release

Introducing our new Adguard version — Content Blocker! It is a browser extension for those Android browsers which support blocking of unwanted content. And (yay!) it is available on Google Play.

Adguard for Mac v.1.3.0 official release

Overall, Adguard will become faster now, and thanks to the better performance, Adguard will now consume significantly less battery resource. But not only that...

Adguard for Android v.2.6 official release

You will find quite a lot of improvements and new features there. Last version introduced HTTPs filtering, and in this one we made it faster by A LOT. Now it is so much faster and more stable.

Adguard for iOS: version 1.0.6

Now you are able to manually block any element in Safari with the new version of Adguard for iOS app!

Adguard for Android 2.5 official release

Finally, the version that works with https connections! Meaning Adguard now blocks ads even on secured websites and in apps like Youtube.

Adguard is the winner of Webit Festival Europe

Adguard became the best startup at Webit festival and won €200 000 prize!

Adguard for Mac version update: version 1.2.0

This new version brings a lot of very important changes to OS X program. Most viable changes are $replace modifier and many security improvements.

Adguard 6.0 official release

The most anticipated Adguard version ever is finally available. Adguard for Windows is fully upgraded, better looking, better (and faster) working and has some brand new features.

Adguard for iOS official release

You’ve requested it, you kept asking when. And here it is. Finally we release our app for iPhone and iPad!

Adguard for Mac update: Version 1.1.0

It’s high time to upgrade the Mac version of Adguard program. And it’s exactly what we are going to do today. As well as tell you what’s new and what we have paid special attention to in this release.

Adguard for Android 2.0 release

Remarkably redesigned, replenished with new useful features — new Adguard ad blocking app is extended to ensure the full protection of your device.

Official Adguard for Mac release

Today we are announcing the official release of Adguard for Mac: the first ever web filter developed for Mac OS X.

Adguard Browser Extension Release: Version 2.0

Meet the very much improved Adguard extension. Version 2.0 became much faster and “lightweight”, that is obvious when you look at the comparison with the previous Adguard version.

Brand new Adguard Licenses

We made the most transparent system of Licenses. From now on, you choose a license depending on the device, where you want to have Adguard installed.

Adguard for Mac open beta release

Finally, we are ready to present you a new Adguard product – world’s first standalone adblocker for Mac OS X. Fast, high-quality and unique, you got to believe – there has never been a web filter for Mac like this.

Adguard for Windows update: version 5.10.2004

Today we are releasing another unscheduled, but priority update for Adguard 5.10. This update contains many useful and important changes and fixes.

Adguard for Android: version 1.1.835 released!

We know you all are eager to see new Adguard 1.2, and believe us, we also can't wait for that moment. But there is still some work to be done, and meanwhile we would like to present you 1.1.835 update.

New Adguard version 5.10.1190

Today we would like to present to you the new Adguard 5.10 update.

The new version of browser extension Adguard

We have released significant update of Adguard browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Yandex.Browser.

New Adguard version 5.10.1186

Today we would like to introduce the new update of Adguard 5.10.

New release: Adguard for Android version 1.1

Our app has been recently removed from Google Play, because we provide the best ad blocking and privacy protection on this platform.
We promised that it won’t stop us, and we will continue to develop Adguard for Android. Yeah, we are keeping that promise. Today, we finally released a new version of our app.

Google Removes Adguard App From Google Play

The best compliment to Adguard quality of ad blocking and privacy protection is the fact that it has been removed from Google Play on November 25, 2014. It looks like making profit on users is more important for Google than actually users' desire to protect themselves from tracking and annoying ads.

Adguard for Android is finally here

Adguard Android 1.0 is a program that provides Internet filtering in Android-powered devices. Main function of a new Adguard product traditionally remains ad blocking. The app filters all kinds of it, including video ads.

Fundamental internet filtering with Adguard

Adguard can be described as an ultimate program against internet advertising. It currently holds the 1st place on the Russian market and is among three best adblockers in the world. Adguard received many positive reviews from well-known and prominent publishers like cnet,, and softpedia.

About Performix

Performix, founded in 2008 and based in Moscow, Russia, is an IT-company that develops a range of software products for internet filtering. To date, we have made a real breakthrough in the field of internet advertising blocking. Our flagship product Adguard enjoys wide popularity: more than 6 million regular users worldwide.

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