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April 11, 2018
How to get Facebook to stop showing you creepy ads like Mark Zuckerberg promises you can do
April 09, 2018
If your computer has slowed down, you might be mining crypto coins for someone else - here's how to check, and stop it
April 02, 2018
New Cryptocurrency Malware ComboJack Changes Wallet Addresses You Copy-Paste
Mar 28, 2018
Official Firefox extension makes it harder for Facebook to track you
Mar 27, 2018
Lots Of Android Apps Are Sending Data To Facebook: Report
Mar 27, 2018
Is #DeleteFacebook Enough? Here’s the Harsh Truth About Facebook Tracking Through Apps
Mar 26, 2018
Facebook tracking is present in 41% of the most popular Android apps
Mar 19, 2018
Is your browser secretly mining cryptocurrencies?
Mar 14, 2018
Cryptomining: the new lottery for cybercriminals
Feb 15, 2018
Cryptocurrency malware will pop up in ‘most unexpected places’ in 2018, researchers say
Feb 12, 2018
The 18 Best Firefox Quantum Extensions
Jan 31, 2018
Cryptocurrency miners: A replacement for ransomware
Jan 31, 2018
The surveillance society is here, and what you can do to protect yourself
Jan 29, 2018
How To Ad-Proof Your Kid
Deс 15, 2017
As online ads fail, sites mine cryptocurrency
Deс 14, 2017
You could be secretly mining bitcoins without even knowing it
Deс 13, 2017
From Porn Sites to Starbucks Wi-Fi, CPUs Are Getting Hijacked to Mine Cryptocoins
Deс 13, 2017
Video stream users may be exposed to hidden cryptocurrency mining
Deс 13, 2017
Cryptojackers Found on Starbucks WiFi Network, GitHub, Pirate Streaming Sites
Deс 13, 2017
You may be mining cryptocurrencies for fraudsters while watching online videos
Deс 13, 2017
Popular streaming sites secretly mine cryptocurrency while you watch free movies
Deс 13, 2017
While you're watching streaming video, your browser is secretly mining cryptocurrency
Deс 13, 2017
Almost one billion video stream users exposed to secret cryptocurrency mining
Deс 13, 2017
Up to 'ONE BEEELLION' vid-stream gawpers toil in crypto-coin mines
Deс 13, 2017
Billions of video site visitors unwittingly mine cryptocurrency as they watch
Deс 11, 2017
Deс 11, 2017
Fed up with pop-ups? These are the 5 best ad blockers for Google Chrome
Dec 08, 2017
A Copyright Claim Was Reportedly Used to Stop Ad Blocking, But It's Complicated
Dec 01, 2017
Best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad
Nov 29, 2017
Why Hackers Love Cryptocurrency Miner Coinhive
Nov 29, 2017
Best Ad Blocking Extensions for Google Chrome
Nov 28, 2017
Nasty, scary YouTube: Parents, take these steps to keep the worst from your kids
Oct 31, 2017
Hacked Websites Could Be Using Your Computer To Mine Cryptocurrency
Oct 23, 2017
Best ad blocker for iPhone and iPad
Oct 13, 2017
Over 500 Million PCs Are Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency, Researchers Reveal
Jun 10, 2017
Meet Adguard! Its strong points are a fair few.
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Over 20,000,000 of Chrome Users are Victims of Fake Ad Blockers
According to the PageFair 2014 report, Google Chrome is a major driver of adblock growth. 20% of users discovered ad blocking by browsing “available browser extensions”. Given how popular ad blocking is, it is quite a lot. This also explains why "cloning" wide-spread ad blockers has become so popular among
Security expert exposed the creator of CoinHive and encountered a strange revenge
Brian Krebs found out who launched CoinHive and how it happened.
AdGuard for Mac / AG Browser Extension double release
Today we want to try something different — combine two release announcements in one blog post. Main reason is, both new Mac and extension updates, while...
March digest: Facebook outrage, stolen passwords, and future cars
Best blog posts and most important industry highlights not covered in the blog, March edition
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One does not simply delete Facebook
Calls to "delete Facebook" across different social media are growing in popularity. This is users’ reaction to recent publications in media about how a certain analytics company purchased personal data of 50 Million Facebook users from one of the app’s developer, and then proceeded to use this information to
Facebook promises to "dramatically reduce" developers' access to user data
Mark Zuckerberg commented the recent data abuse scandal and promised a lot of changes in the app ecosystem.
AdGuard for iOS v2 release
Following the big release of AdGuard Pro for iOS, we unleash the regular version too. Changes are scarcer, as it usually is with "regular" vs "pro"...
Trying hard not to steal your password, they still steal
Analytic software used by web and mobile developers is greedy for data. It gathers information like passwords or credit card numbers even when "told" not to
Meet CAV, the car of the nearest future
Connected cars are generating and processing huge amounts of data, including personal and sensitive information about drivers.
February digest: all the most important industry news
All the most important industry news, and what they mean for you. IoT security, some stats about Chrome ad blocking, phone sensor data in tracking.
AdGuard Pro for iOS v2.0.0
We have incremented the major number in the app version. In this version, we introduce a wide range of novelties, starting with app redesign (dark theme...
Only 13% of ad-blocking millennials pay for news, and they don’t regret
About a third of ad-blocking users pay for music, video, and movies. Much fewer millennials pay for news, books, e-learning. But those who do, don't regret.
HTML5 seems to be created for user tracking. Will browsers save us?
Ad blockers and anti-trackers do a lot to protect us from fingerprinting, but it's up to browsers to make serious improvements
Phone’s location can be tracked without GPS or Wi-Fi
Hackers can use information from phone's sensors and public databases to define location, track movements and acquire other private data