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AdGuard for Mac 1.5.0
Did you know the fact that a mere 5 days ago it was a *semi-anniversary* since we've released the previous AdGuard for Mac version? Just wow. So, we...
AdGuard fights stealth cryptocurrency mining on websites
Sites use visitors' computers to earn by mining. It could be an alternative to ads, but must work only with users' consent. AdGuard now warns about mining.
Go spy, GO! Popular app with 200M+ users crosses the red line
Have you ever thought that your keyboard could be a professional spy? And we are not talking about jamesbondish handsome spies from Hollywood movies, but about the overt and constant home phoning of the personal information with its future distribution to third parties. Our recent research discovered a popular Android
Paid for not showing ads, Youtube Red shows ads
Looks like subscribing to an "ad-free" premium service does not free you from ads, just removes some of them
New website is out! And this time we mean it!
No, you are not having a deja-vu attack — we have already proudly announced the launch of our new website. But from now on it opens on the main domain...
Instagram overhears my offline chats! Is it possible?
People keep seeing ads in Instagram and Facebook about products they discussed offline, in chats and convrsations with family and friends. What's happening?
How to downgrade AdGuard Pro
In this article, we'll explain how to downgrade Adguard Pro for those users who already updated it and want back the previous version.
Companies make money on personal data: where is my share?
Companies should pay us directly for our personal data they collect to make money. But how much could our information cost?
Back to school promotion - sale and giveaway by AdGuard
Get 30% discount on ALL AdGuard licenses until September 3. A great chance to favorably buy or renew a key of any type!
Enjoy the new AdGuard website — and help us make it better
A launch of a new corporate website often excites the company just as much as the users. We proudly present our newly redesigned website!
A popular app sends geodata to an ad tech firm without user’s consent
Weather forecast app AccuWeather was caught sending data about users’ whereabouts even when denied access to the location. Developers say, it was a mistake
Ad blocking is under attack
Well, this is huge, so I'd like to draw your attention to what's happening right now. This is a very alarming case, and it concerns every ad blocker user. Brief introduction into ad blocking To understand better what's happened, you should first learn a bit more about ad blocking. Every
How ad blocking works: the might behind the magic
What are the decisions and algorythms behind ad blocking? Are there different approaches on PCs and mobile devices? What differs one blocker from another?
The consequences of the new Apple policy & Adguard Pro for iOS v1.3.0
In this article, we'll explain the current state of things and - the show must go on! - tell about the new version of Adguard Pro for iOS.
Adguard Browser Extension v2.6.7
A new version of Adguard ad blocker browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and other browsers.