AdGuard promo activities
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  • Back to School Quiz
    If your school offered subjects like AdGuardology and Internet safety basics, chances are you'd think twice before skipping class. Why neglect knowledge that would shield your sensitive information from scammers and contribute to a cleaner and safer Internet experience?
    Imagine you have your first test today. Don't worry, there are no grades involved! It's all about fun — and extra discounts for those who get to the end of the quiz.
  • What does AI say?
    AIs have become really good at understanding humans, but how good do we understand them? In this game, we asked Midjourney to generate two images for each question. One is based on a prompt related to ad blocking and privacy protection, and the other is about a movie or a TV series. Get into the robot's head and try to figure out which is which!
  • Create your own monster!
    Aren't you tired of seeing the same old monsters again and again? Are zombies and werewolves really that scary? The time is high to come up with your own creation that will properly reflect the dangers of the modern world! Try it... if you're not afraid!
  • Back to School Quiz
    How often do you apply school knowledge in your everyday life? More often than you realize, we bet! Test your memory in these extremely real life-like scenarios.
  • AdGuard’s Anniversary Quiz
    June 1 is AdGuard's birthday. In the 13 years of its existence, our company has been through a lot. We've recalled some fun facts and curious details and gathered them into a little quiz. See how well you know AdGuard. But be warned, it isn’t going to be easy!
  • Web survival game
    Will you rely on knowledge or trust your gut? Anything goes when you come up against various online threats in these real-life situations.
    Go ahead and test yourself!
  • Halloween game
    It's Halloween, and the stormy weather certainly fits the spirit. Lightning cuts through the darkness and for a moment unveils the grim city. The air is filled with a sinister feeling.
    You feel lucky to be spending the night at home, peacefully surfing the web. But suddenly, you face a threat that has nothing to do with spooky ghosts...
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