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How to Block Ads on KissAnime
Learn a few comprehensive methods to block ads on KissAnime while avoiding getting banned. Enjoy anime in peace.
How to block pop-ups in Safari or allow them
If you want to get rid of pop-ups in Safari, you need to install AdGuard. It removes not only virus pop-ups, but also all kinds of ads and trackers. Learn how to block or allow pop-ups in this article.
How to block ads on Twitch
Say no to stream interruptions! Learn how to block ads on Twitch — in Chrome or Safari, on your desktop or mobile devices. Your ad blocker is not working on Twitch? Here are the reasons why.
How to block pop-ups on Mac
Remove pop ups on Mac with AdGuard. Protect your privacy and enjoy safe, fast and secure Internet without annoying annoying popups and banners.
The best free malware protection
If you want to keep your pc free from viruses, think about malware blocker that provides AdGuard. It keeps you away from malicious websites and doesn't let you download harmful programs.
How to remove Skype ads on any device?
How to block ads in Skype on Windows and more - AdGuard adblocker is the perfect tool. Removing advertisements on PC, Mac and Android has never been that easy!
Tips about privacy protection
It’s important to know that all your online activity is tracked. With AdGuard you’ll know everything about how to protect internet privacy.
Anti-Tracking Apps and Software: the features you need the most
The main things you should know about anti tracking to protect yourself online from being monitored through cookies and Other data. Basic idea on how to block tracking and prevent your browser from giving out personal information. We have our own tracking blocker solutions for Chrome and others.
NoRoot firewall for Android
By downloading AdGuard you can solve all security issues at once! It combines no root firewall app and adblocker that protects you from popups and tracking.
How to Block Ads on Facebook
AdGuard knows how to get rid of ads on Facebook. You can install it right now and turn off sponsored ads forever.
AdGuard Parental Control
This is an AdGuard Ad Blocker module that allows you to protect children from inappropriate content and online threats.
Wonder how to remove ads from Android?
Adblock mobile app for Android from AdGuard is able to block all types of the ads. Video ads on youtube and other web-sites, also annoying ads in other apps.
How to block ads
Adguard is the most effective way to block any kind of advertising.
AdGuard extensions for browsers
Adguard allows you to block any type of the ads in your browser. Download our free adblock extension now and forget about ads forever.
Choosing a web accelerator
Adguard is the most effective way to speed up the Internet. Websites will open much faster with our program!
Popular Ad Blockers
Brief overview of popular ad blockers. Compare them with Adguard - ultimate adblocker that removes ads, popups, blocks malicious and phishing sites, protects personal data and filters obscene materials.
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