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Welcome to this page! We are very glad to see you here, because if you are interested in getting an AdGuard license key, then you are on the same side as us in our strive to get rid of annoying ads. Thank you for your confidence in our product!
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Contribute to AdGuard!
“The more talents are getting involved, the better our product is” — sounds one of our mottos. So, let’s grow and develop with AdGuard!
There are a lot of things we can do together, for example, translating AdGuard, testing its beta versions, improving filters, or posting articles. Would you like to choose something suitable exactly for you? Then find out more.
Free licenses for developers
Do you know about filters, extensions or userscripts firsthand? Have you already contributed to their development? Then you definitely deserve a free AdGuard license key right now. Find out more information about who can receive one and how. Maybe you are the lucky one!