AdGuard Assistant

AdGuard Assistant is a handy tool that helps you manage filtering right from the browser. With its aid you are able to manually block any element, whitelist or report the page, or see the website's security report — all without having to leave the current page.
What can you do with AdGuard Assistant?
Block anything on the page
Choose "Block ad on this website".
Select an element on the page you want to block.
Adjust the selected area by moving the slider and click on "Block". The rule created by Assistant goes into the User filter.
Whitelist a website
Toggle the "Filtering on this website" switch so it turns red.
A respective rule will be added to the User filter. To enable filtering on the website back, toggle the switch again or delete this rule.
Report a website
Select "Report the website" if you notice a missed ad or a false positive, or if you think the website should be blocked by the Browsing security module.
Adjust the Assistant icon position
You can click&drag the Assistant icon over the page as you like. AdGuard will remember the icon position separately for every website.
Temporarily disable filtering
In case you want to see how the page would look without AdGuard, you can disable filtering by clicking on "Do not filter for 30 seconds".
Learn if a website is safe
Choose the "Website security report" option.
You will be taken to the page on AdGuard website showing whether the site is safe or not.
What people are saying
Average apps rating 9.5/10 based on all user reviews

AdGuard is wonderful! Within seconds of a webpage loading clean and free of ads, one can surf without wasting time or running the risk of malicious links getting accidentally clicked on. Just as I prefer reading web news, blogs & streaming sites free...

Apps is working as advertised, blocking even more ads then uBlock Origin which I used before I started using AdGuard. Even when I had problems with this app support was very quick with helping me to solve this issue.

You can not beet AdGuard

Very very good well worth the money, no more pop up windows

1st class price and service

They made the Internet usable and free from annoying ads. First I was worried about the battery usage as I heard many negative reviews based on battery usage. But it was entirely different in real world usage, It doesn't consume that much noticeable battery...

For me, AdGuard is the best blocking system ever. All the advertising is blocked and I am safe. You guys really know how to get rid of all the ads! Ty for the great app.

I really like this piece of software, works as advertised with super great support team. When I have some issue due to not reading docs, they just answer all my questions and help me to solve any issue in no time. Thanks Adguard!

Of any apps you should 1st put on your new phone is Adguard. With all the big companies adding more and more annoying ads, this is a must have. Does it's job well.

AdGuard Assistant is always there for you — an inconspicuous but reliable friend.