AdGuard Assistant

AdGuard Assistant is a handy tool that helps you manage filtering right from the browser. With its aid you are able to manually block any element, whitelist or report the page, or see the website's security report — all without having to leave the current page.
What can you do with AdGuard Assistant?
Block anything on the page
Choose "Block ad on this website".
Select an element on the page you want to block.
Adjust the selected area by moving the slider and click on "Block". The rule created by Assistant goes into the User filter.
Whitelist a website
Toggle the "Filtering on this website" switch so it turns red.
A respective rule will be added to the User filter. To enable filtering on the website back, toggle the switch again or delete this rule.
Report a website
Select "Report the website" if you notice a missed ad or a false positive, or if you think the website should be blocked by the Browsing security module.
Adjust the Assistant icon position
You can click&drag the Assistant icon over the page as you like. AdGuard will remember the icon position separately for every website.
Temporarily disable filtering
In case you want to see how the page would look without AdGuard, you can disable filtering by clicking on "Do not filter for 30 seconds".
Learn if a website is safe
Choose the "Website security report" option.
You will be taken to the page on AdGuard website showing whether the site is safe or not.
What can you do with AdGuard Assistant?
What browsers does AdGuard Assistant work in?
AdGuard Assistant works in all browsers. Exception: old Internet Explorer versions (Assistant works in IE starting with version 10).
Can I change the size and location of Assistant?
Yes, you can click on the icon and drag it to any place on the page. AdGuard will memorize the position for every website separately. Also, if you click on the Assistant and select "Settings", you can make the icon smaller or insta-move it to any corner.
Why is the Assistant not present on some pages?
Unfortunately, we have to remove Assistant on some pages to avoid blocking the useful content and to display the website properly.
Version history

A minor-ish update that focuses on various bugfixes, more significant changes will be introduced in v4.1. One thing is worth a separate mentioning though:

[Improved] Assistant's code-base for mobile devices has been unified #28

Basically, for end users it means that we were able to integrate the manual element blocking tool into AdGuard for iOS. You can now select and block any elements in Safari on iOS, just like you got used to on Windows and Mac.

  • [Added] New localizations #143
  • [Changed] Assistant translations have been updated #127
  • [Changed] Assistant now waits for a callback before reloading the page #130
  • [Changed] Common frames have been excluded from Assistant and WOT scripts #154
  • [Fixed] Assistant menu items selection is wrong #149
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon is visible while printing the page #96
  • [Fixed] It is possible to right-click inside of the iframe #95
  • [Fixed] Assistant disappears when you click on it on the website #113
  • [Fixed] Assistant is not shown on some websites #112
  • [Fixed] Assistant does not work when cookies are disabled #124
  • [Fixed] Some elements are clicked on instead of becoming selected with the element blocker tool #116
  • [Fixed] Assistant does not allow to select an element on the website #134
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon size setting reset bug #110
  • [Fixed] The Assistant iframe is rendered before styles are applied #137
  • [Fixed] Assistant layout when WOT reputation is loaded #141
  • [Fixed] Cannot select an iframe on the website #142
  • [Fixed] "Block ad on this website" tool does not work on Touch+Mouse devices like Surface #140
  • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool is misbehaving in Firefox #146

This is the first Assistant release in its own separate repository. Previously we used to include all the Assistant changes in the respective Adguard for Windows releases.

A bunch of Assistant-related bugs have been fixed, and also worth mentioning the adding of a `dev` build that you are able to install now if you so desire.

[Added] A `dev` build #61

This is essentially the most recent version of Assistant you can get. It is being updated with every single commit that is made. To install the `dev` build, download the Assistant userscript from here:

You can find more information on the main page of the repository:

  • [Added] A travis-CI build to build & run unit-tests #60
  • [Changed] Assistant menu items now depend on the filtering state #13
  • [Changed] The 'cursor responsive area' of the slider on the element selection step has been increased #23
  • [Changed] Browser cache is new enforced to reload after switching the filtering status for a website #33
  • [Changed] Debug logging has been removed from the release build #35
  • [Changed] Assistant icon position has been made relative to the bottom-right corner of a page #47
  • [Changed] Custom button position is being validated now #59
  • [Fixed] ON/OFF switch animation on the first Assistant load #12
  • [Fixed] Slow Assistant icon drag #14
  • [Fixed] "Refused to apply inline style" error #16
  • [Fixed] Assistant doesn't work with touch on Edge #20
  • [Fixed] The labels on the 'Block ad' slider have been swapped #22
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon sticks to the cursor #30
  • [Fixed] Premature Assistant load + incorrect DOM readyState Property in IE10 #44
  • [Fixed] `window.resize` event listener handler has been throttled #67
  • [Fixed] Assistant icon jumps to the top left position #69
  • [Improved] Simplified Chinese Translation has been updated #36
  • [Improved] Translations updates have been automated #46
For the full version history visit this page.
AdGuard Assistant is always there for you — an inconspicuous but reliable friend.
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