Adguard Assistant

It is a quick and easy way to manage filtering:

○ Blocking unwanted elements
○ Adding websites to filtering exceptions
○ Submitting a complaint about a questionable site
○ Displaying site’s reputation and other features

With the help Adguard Assistant, you can block ads or, on the contrary, disable filtering on the page. To do this, you don’t have to open Adguard window, all the features are available directly on the page you're viewing. Below is a more detailed description of all available options.

Assistant Features

What browsers does Adguard Assistant work in?

Adguard Assistant works in all browsers. Exception: old Internet Explorer versions (Assistant works in IE starting with version 10).

Can i change icon’s size and location?

Yes, you can find it in paragraph «Adjust the position of Assistant icon on the page».

Why is the Assistant not present on some pages?

  1. Unfortunately we have to remove Assistant on some pages to avoid blocking the useful content and to display website properly.
  2. Assistant is removed on websites added manually to filtering exceptions.